Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Relevant to Me this week!

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Happy Hump Day! It is Wednesday and you know what that means, the week is half over! I thought I would make today's post short and sweet and just tell ya'll what is relevant to me this week!

1. Maxi dresses are a girls best friend when the weather is hot and sunny like its been here!

2. I really want another tattoo! I have two and I love them, absolutely no regrets and I always admire other peoples tattoo's where ever we go. Unfortunately Jason is morbidly against it as he hates his and assumes I too will eventually feel that way about mine (not so the case).

3. Ive decided being back in Canada I miss 5 things about living here permanently...
    - My Family
    - Fries & Gravy (although I'm staying clear of this as I am trying to lose weight.. its a true test to my will power)
    - Ketchup Chips (why they don't have these in the States absolutely blows my mind
    - Over apologizers (I am one and I appreciate this quality in people, better to be polite right?)
    - Good Grammar (HAHA!)

4. Growing up in a major city I have never really understood the concept of "small town charm" and although I have visited small towns my feelings have never really changed, and this place we are currently living makes me feel like like I am right, and there is no such thing!

5. Everyone seems to have this obsession with pink peonies and I completely understand why! They are beautiful and every time someone posts a pictures of their office or home so beautifully decorated I cant help but smile ear to ear... when will our house be done so I can buy pink peonies in abundance and spend my days wandering Trader Joe's to stock up on all their other fab deals!

6. I would like to drink more cocktails. I don't have my wine glasses here (we didn't have room to bring them), alcohol is RIDICULOUS expensive here and Jason works so much we never really get out for dinner or anything. I am in desperate need of upping my summer cocktail intake! Is that too much to ask??

7. House building is still stressful, good lord being so far away doesn't make it any easier. As of the beginning of the week we were on schedule to be there in July and do the predrywall walk with an inspector but with all the rain Raleigh has been seeing, its now questionable.

8. Question: As we get older do we really get wiser or do we just forget more? Truth be told I feel like I just forget more!

9. I am no longer a good sleeper! I use to be able to to nap, sleep 10 hours a night and now I just cant! I can never fall asleep, I never get a good sleep and wake up feeling rested and I absolutely cant nap. Its quite possibly the saddest thing ever. Sleep is wonderful, and necessary!

10. I haven't had my hair this long in awhile, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

11.Bloglovin' is Genius (and unfortunately trying to link to it isn't going to happen because my blog is acting up and I feel no need to push the limits and lose all I have already written).
12. I have an unhealthy obsession with guacamole, I make my own and could sit and eat it all day. Obviously I don't, but don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind.

13. I'm counting down the days until we fly home - 2 weeks from tomorrow!

14. Today is Jen Lianzakis's birthday, and although she is stuck at work I am hoping she has a FABULOUS day!

15. All this week I have been craving Fire Tap Alehouse (in Anchorage, AK) sun dried tomato pine nut pesto pasta...I'm waiting anxiously on Tanya to replicate the recipe and then give it to me.

16. I hope you are all enjoying fabulous Wednesday weather! :)

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  1. Hey I can add the Blog Lovin Button to your page. Let me know if you want me to and I'll log in and do it for you.


  2. Thanks but I actually have the Bloglovin' button on my sidebar, it was just when I was having the problems not using Google Chrome it wouldnt let me link to them that day! I greatly appreciate the offer though!! :)