Thursday, April 9, 2015

Times when I Just Cant...

Hello All!

Where the hell did Spring go? I just cant! Literally this morning when I got up it was feeling like 31 degrees.. RIDICULOUS! This is all because I took all my winter stuff home, I just know it.

Anyways the last few days I have been tired and in a rut with the weather and kind of busy so I didn't make it here yesterday, I thought I would try and make it here today with a little bit of an update and a play on a post I saw the other day.. I'll get to that in a few!

We thought Jason would be working less hours this week but it didn't play out that way, which doesn't really matter on account that the weather has been crappy. Yesterday Lindsey and the girls came out for a visit which was great, sadly we didn't have nicer weather to get out and enjoy the parks but we managed and it was so great to see them. If you remember they actually lived in our building for awhile before moving and sadly we just don't get to see them as much as before so it was great to catch up, I really miss them and having time with the girls. Lindsey is pregnant with their third bundle of joy and they found out yesterday they are having a boy!!! Super exciting and will be a great addition! Because the weather was crumby yesterday as well when Lindsey and the girls left Tanya and I popped over to Shop Rite and I grabbed the stuff to make cream of chicken and rice soup! Jason has been asking for it and yesterday seemed like a perfect time to make it.

Jason got home from work and we had soup for dinner then headed over to the movie to see the new Fast & Furious movie. We have enjoyed pretty much all of these movies and were looking forward to getting to see it. I wont give anything away as it is pretty new but guys...! The ending was horrifically sad but so tastefully done. My throat still hurts from the lump in it while I tried not to make a hysterical scene. Sadness.. I tell ya. The movie was really great though and I highly recommend checking it out.

So the other day I was reading blogs as I usually do in the morning and I came across THIS post by Taylor over at 'The Daily Tay'. I read her blog religiously as I find her absolutely HILARIOUS! She is a stand up comedian in Chicago and quite the sense of humor this girl has, as you can imagine. Overall I recommend checking out her blog but this particular post cracked me up and I could totally relate! So I figured why not try it out myself, and here it goes...

When people walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk and when you are on the right side walking towards them they wont move and look at you like you're an asshole... I just cant!

When people constantly have their face drove in their phone, what is seriously so important that cant wait? You're not that important.... I just cant!

When I DVR a show but miss half of it because of some sort of breaking news that I don't even care about... I just cant!

I will concur with Taylor, when dried flakes of milk from the container get in my coffee!... I just cant. This is not something I will every get use to, I grew up in Canada where milk comes in bags (not I'm not kidding) this milk drying and flaking was never an issue.


When people are late, period.. its disrespectful and rude!... I just cant!

When the game is tied and there is 3 minutes left, no matter who is playing.. I just cant! 

When it snows and I have to dry.. growing up in Canada helped me not at all in this area.... I just cant! 

When the water is hard (or whatever you call it) and there is constantly water spots on the bathroom counter top.. I just cant. (Probably because I'm a little OCD.)

How much do you love it when you run a bath and you go to get in and the water is the absolute PERFECT temperature, It makes me happy on so many levels.. I just cant! 

You see this 'I just cant' bit can work for all emotions!

You know when you feel exhausted at night so you get in bed anticipating falling into a deep restful sleep and all the sudden your body goes.. "HA! I was kidding" and you're wide awake. I get so pissed... I just cant! 

Birds.. they scare the shit out of me. When they start to fly near me, I literally freak out... I just cant! 

When homeless people get angry and say mean things when you wont give them money, pardon me?... I just cant. 

When you are walking around a store and the sales people follow you around wanting to 'help'.. thank you, you asked already and I declined.. I know where you find you, stalker!... I just cant!

When you find something you love but cant justify buying it, then you go home and regret not buying it with every fiber of you being so you go back the next day and its gone!... I just cant! 

Stupid drama... I just cant! 

Long car rides. I think I have done more LONG car rides than most people do in their lives and I no longer look forward to them, in fact most often I dread them... I just cant! 

Ok that's all I've got for now! I will be back tomorrow with H54F, I hope you are all having a great day and staying warm!!!

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  1. lol, all of these are so true! Fantastic!

    1. Haha! The milk one is so true right? You have the feel the same way about that one!

    2. There are many that I agree with! But yes for sure the milk!