Friday, April 17, 2015

High Five for Friday 4.17.15

Good Morning,

Somehow I didn't know today was Friday, I seriously planned (and talked about yesterday) blogging about my trip to the Highline today and then when I signed onto Bloglovin' this morning I saw that everyone else was posting their High Five for Friday and I was like... hmm... maybe I should do that too. Generally I have this post planned and written before this morning but I think I will manage!

Its been a pretty good week, let me tell you the warm weather is making all the difference in the world around here, naturally the wind is still around in full force but whatever!!

So lets chat about the week shall we?

1. Red Sox vs. Yankees Game at Yankee Stadium

If you read my blog on Monday you saw THIS post in regards to the game we went to last Friday night. It was indeed the longest game ever, or at least the longest game that has ever been played at Yankee Stadium! It was a really great game that was made even better by the fact that the Red Sox won! The stadium is super nice, totally worth checking out if you are ever visiting the city!

2. Liberty State Park & Gorgeous Weather! 

Sadly Jason woke up not really feeling too hot on Sunday, he has been working a lot lately and with Friday's super late night and his crappy immune system he was definitely in for a nasty cold. He decided not to go to work and so we thought we would make the most of the nice day and go for a long walk. We have been to Liberty State Park before but we took the light rail over and it was a really long time ago, so this time we decided to walk over and tour around. The park is really beautiful and the day was perfect, we had never been to this side of the park which had a beautiful Korean War monument! I plan to blog about Liberty State Park next week so I wont go on and on. But the day truly was gorgeous, it was so nice to have Jason home for the weekend and to enjoy the nice weather. Most of our day was spent outside enjoying the sun! 

3. The High Line NYC

My original planned post for today, I guess it will come on Monday! Tanya and I visited the High Line this week, for some reason we never went when we lived here before and it was really great! It isn't super lush and green yet but it is well on its way and most likely absolutely gorgeous in the summer. It has great views of the city, the Hudson and amazing NYC street art. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, we met an amazing artist who sells his art and got a canvas! Overall it was a wonderful day that you will hear all about on Monday! 


Dough is a SMALL donut shop in the city but on the top 10 list of best donuts in the United States. I have heard so many great things about these donuts for so long that it had to be on my bucket list of places to go before Jason and I left here. So last week while Tanya and I were in the city we bit the bullet and made the stop. It was the best decision ever, the donuts were absolutely INCREDIBLE! I got the Coconut (best one ever), plain glazed, mocha crunch and chocolate nibs.. no they were not all for me. This is a must visit in the city.. MUST!

5. Ruby & Jenna Score!

As I have mentioned before I absolutely love a shop in Hoboken called Ruby & Jenna, sadly you cant shop online and their stores are hard to come by but we are lucky to have one close. Tanya and I always pop in while we are down that way and this past week I found a great deal! I have been on the hunt for some jeans and capris lately but don't want to pay a fortune because lets be real, I need to lose weight and hopefully soon they wont fit me. I have had my eye on a pair at the shop for quite some time but they just never had my size. This week I was taking a look at the sale rack and found an amazing pair of jeans in my size for $20! I was sure they wouldn't fit but they did and I was in love! I don't have a picture of them, and I cant find them online but next time I am wearing them I will snap a picture! I love a good day!

So guys that's my scoop for the week, its pretty overcast today but warm so I am going to try and get it together and head out for awhile. I didn't get any sleep at all last night and basically feel like crap today. Tomorrow is suppose to be 78 degrees which is amazing, I believe Jason will have tomorrow off so we are hoping to take advantage of it! 

I hope you guys have a great weekend, thank you so much for stopping by! 

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  1. All of these places sound so fun! I'll be in D.C. for the summer and we've talked about going up to NYC for a weekend or two. I've never been and there are just so many things I want to see :)

    Midwest Darling

    1. Hi Sarah! You wouldn't regret taking the time to visit NYC, there is so many amazing things to do here! I really hope you get here! Thanks for stopping by! :)