Friday, April 10, 2015

High Five for Friday 4.10.15

Good Morning!!!

Its Friday and I am very excited about said fact! I'm not sure what the weekend will bring but the fact that Jason should have at least one day off this weekend makes me happy! We are also looking at a lot better weather this weekend which will be a really nice change, because honestly at this rate if it doesn't turn around I am going home where its in the 80s!

So shall we talk about my week?

1. Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a really great day as I mentioned earlier this week, I woke up an amazing Easter basket from my hubby, I met Tanya for coffee to exchange Easter treats with her and then Jason came home early for a wonderful afternoon. We went for a long walk, came home and had Chinese on the couch and watched a great movie.. it was what good Sunday's are made of. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, ate way to much chocolate and went to bed with a full heart! I hope you all also had a great Easter holiday!

2. Monday's Amazing Spring Weather

Tanya and I knew they were calling for fantastic weather on Monday so we decided we would head into the city and walk the beautiful day away. There was a few places that we wanted to go in the city that we don't have here in Jersey and just wanted to enjoy the city! The day was absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad we took advantage of it because the rest of the week has not played out so well weather wise.

The nice weather brings out the masses! Washington Square Park was absolutely packed full of people out enjoying the beautiful day!

3. New Converse

I have been on the hunt for a certain pair of Converse shoes for quite sometime, I swear I have looked everywhere humanly possible and they most often didn't have them, didn't have them in the color I wanted, didn't have my size or had never heard of them! Perfect. So naturally I went online to try and find them and they were sold out everywhere in my size. Are you kidding me? I asked to be notified online at a bunch of places via email if they restocked but had gotten nothing. While out on Monday I visited a million places in the city and finally went straight to the converse store and there they were! I was pretty excited!! I have so many issues with my feet in regards to shoes, for some reason absolutely every pair of shoes gives me blisters at least at first. On Sunday I wore a new pair of flats I thought was going to be really comfortable and ended up giving me 6 pretty awful blood blisters and ended up really hurting my calves from the lack up support. Plain and simple I need good shoes and I am so happy to have these ones. Thanks to my hubby who spoiled me beyond belief this Easter!

4. Fast & Furious 7

I mentioned in yesterday's post that Jason and I went to the movies on Wednesday night, I will say this isn't something we do a ton but when we do I really look forward to it. Generally at home there are very few people at the theater we go to and so we sprawl out with popcorn and enjoy the movie. I didn't know what to expect going to the a theater here but it was really great, and the movie was totally worth seeing. We enjoyed popcorn and the movie, and I just barely reframed from making a horrific crying scene at the end. Obviously with the new movie coming out there has been a huge focus on the tragic death of Paul Walker and I wasn't sure how exactly they would play that into the movie as I had heard his brother Cody finished out his role (which you really could barely tell the different between the two). I will say the ending was so tastefully done, but your couldn't escape the profound sadness. See the movie, its worth it. RIP Paul Walker. 

5. Random Acts of Kindness

Sadly its shocking to me when people are super kind, here at least. Its just so rare that people even notice other people around them so when someone goes out of their way to be kind and overly considerate I am always so grateful and it inspires me to go the extra mile for others. Yesterday Tanya and I popped into CVS in the mall which is no somewhere we frequent, we were standing in front of the makeup (because obviously) and this woman came up to us and gave us a bunch of makeup coupons that she had cut out but wasn't going to use. We were so shocked and grateful for her kindness, if she wasn't going to use them she could have just as easily taken them home or tossed them in the trash but she was kind enough to see that we were looking and give them to us. It may seem like something so small but I don't see it that way at all, kindness is kindness. I think in a way we can all learn from that. 

Alright guys I am signing off, a ton of us have tickets to the Yankee vs. Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium but I am anticipating the game being cancelled as they are calling for 80% chance or rain and thunderstorms. Truth be told I would rather them cancel the game now then us to trek all the way to the Bronx for them to delay and delay and then cancel. Obviously we wanted to see the Red Sox but that just may not happen! Wish us luck!

I hope you guys have a great weekend, thank you as always for stopping in.. the time you take to stop and read is greatly appreciated! 

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