Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Birch Box

Good Afternoon Friends!

This is my last month to receive my Birchbox.. its the saddest thing ever! We are moving and the last few months they have been coming later and later so it just has to end (for now). Having said that I may go to the Birchbox store next month and make a box.. just maybe!

So before we get into what I got this month I have to share two pieces of information, one being that former Patriot Aaron Hernandez was convicted of first degree murder today, and sentenced to life in prison! You can read about it HERE, he was automatically sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. The jury deliberated for 7 days which is quite a bit of time but sadly I do believe he was guilty. This is so sad though, 23 year old NFL tight end with all the potential in the world and a small daughter throws his life away for what? His whole life is ruined, he is going to rot in a cell, his daughter will never know him.. its awful. Nobody wins here.

Piece of information number two... this morning was just crappy, you know those mornings where nothing you put on feels right, you feel fat in everything and yet you have to get ready because you need to be somewhere. I was so frustrated, I'm fat.. nothing fits.. all my clothes are so last year (laugh, but seriously these things were going through my head) and so I sent Jason an email basically saying all those things and I should have brought more clothes from home but I wasn't anticipating nice weather and so on.. he didn't respond until I was already out and he responded with this. "I feel ya, its so weird because the exact same thing happened to me last week" - God love his humor, I just about died when I read it. Naturally I felt a lot better about things after that.

Ok.. on to what came in my Birchbox!

First lets talk about how gorgeous the box is this month! Birchbox partnered with Rifle Paper Co. this month to provide these amazing boxes, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Isn't it gorgeous? I will say I have been a little disappointed with how late the boxes are shipping lately, generally they would come the first week of the month and lately not the case. So when everyone else had received theirs yesterday and I had no I was quite disappointed! I got an email quite late last night that it had finally arrived downstairs and I literally flew down there, as I went out the door Jason was still yelling "OUCH!" because apparently he was in my way when I started to flap my wings. Oops! 

So what did I get????

I was pleasantly surprised with everything I got, I always check the sneak preview and had high hopes for two things, and I got one which I think it pretty freakin' good! 

Fekkai Pre-Soleil Mist : This is said to be a weightless spray to add shine, controls frizz and safeguards hair from UV rays! This is something great for me, I am always looking for great new hair products so I am really excited to try this and with summer right around the corner protecting my hair from the sun sounds fabulous! 

Whish Shave Crave Cream - Blueberry: I didn't realize until now that its blueberry. I don't generally use shaving cream, I use conditioner.. it smells good and I find I get less razor burn. I will give this a whirl and let you know. 

WEI Manuka Bee Venom Mask: Weird right? This stuff is damn expensive and truthfully I cant imagine one little pod is going to do much but they say its going to firm, soften and minimizes fine lines with a warm tingle as it works. If it does all that, fantastic! I will keep you posted. 

Obliphica Professional Intensive Hair Serum: This baby is like a version of Argan Oil, its lightweight and meant to soften and strengthen hair. I cant say I use a lot of oils but I am excited to try it. 

LAQA & Co. Sheep lip lube pencil: This was one of the things that I was hoping to get, Tanya has a few and loves them! We both got them and she was wearing hers today and I love it, I cant wait to try mine! 

I'm really sad this is my last month for Birchbox but once we get settled again somewhere, providing its possible I think I may try an Ipsy bag next as a subscription. I have heard really great things about Ipsy and although I have no complaints about my Birchbox I think I would appreciate Ipsy a little more as it is all makeup! We'll see what happens!

Anyways I am off to head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and do some reading! Tanya and I walked down to Hoboken today and toured around, I wore my new Converse shoes for the first time and good lord my feet hurt! I swear every single pair of shoes I own give my blisters, I am seriously convinced its my feet and not the shoes. I really hope I just have to break these ones in because I really love them. I did however find an awesome pair of capris at Ruby & Jenna for $20! I never find sale stuff there that fits me so I was super excited to score these bad boys! 

I hope you guys are all having a great day, if you happen to subscribe to a monthly box subscription I would love to hear about what you got and if its something other than Birchbox if you would recommend it! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're getting the wonderful weather we are! 

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  1. So I posted a big comment but it didn't post! So I'll paraphrase! Jealous of the Bee Venom! I don't use shaving cream but I love this one. Mine was not blueberry, was in a pink and white bottle... maybe strawberry vanilla or something. Yes I love the lip lubes, and one of them has the lovely mint scent but not the other one. AND, I can't wait to try out the pre-sun hair mist on my freshly colored hair in Florida next week :P :)

    1. I wish the shave cream was anything but blueberry I'm not going to lie but I am interested to try it! I agree about the pre-sun spray and I think its going to be great for summer, as long as it doesn't weigh your hair down! Overall I am super happy with everything I got this month, and I have seen a ton of peoples loot and it seems everyone did really well this month!