Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Springtime in Central Park NYC

Good Morning & Happy Earth Day!

If you follow my on Instagram you might have saw a picture I posted on Saturday of gorgeous Central Park in Spring! Jason had Saturday off which doesn't happen very often and we really wanted to take advantage of his one day off because we are leaving here really soon and because it was suppose to be a gorgeous day. We got up in the morning and got ready to head into the city.. it was an interesting morning, every single pair of shoes that I have give me blisters I swear and I knew we were going to be walking a ton so I really didn't know what to wear. I have running shoes but how awful to wear those with capris.. right? Jason didn't understand my dilemma at of course and it delayed our exit a little. In the end I ended up wearing running shoes and I looked like an idiot but I was comfortable. The struggle is real people!

I was really shocked that the subway wasn't really busy at all, sadly I took that as a sign that maybe the city wouldn't be more packed than usual. Stupid thought. The first summer like day in the city and every person who lives there as well as every single tourist that could possibly fit on the island was out. Good lord!

We toured up to the park and grabbed an ice coffee on the way, I couldn't believe how hot it actually was out! I wished I had been in shorts that's for sure.. however I spared the fine people of New York the sight of my ghostly legs in shorts!

We decided Saturday we were going to see as much of the park as possible and let me tell you it was the perfect day for it. So I wont ramble and I will get to some of the pictures I took!

This isn't a great picture, blame my iPhone but we literally saw a million turtles Saturday! 

The trees in the park were in full bloom and absolutely incredible! It is this most amazing time of year where everything is coming to life again and it just gives you life! 

If you haven't been to Central Park you can rent little sail boats and sail them around one of the ponds in the park. 

It would be nice if people took a picture and then moved aside so other people could get a picture. But... well.. you know! 

This plaque as well as the statue above is of the Alice in Wonderland. 

Cleopatra's Needle. 

This is the reservoir in the park. 

Did you know Demi Moore is currently selling her penthouse in the building pictured above for $75 million! 

Jason and I did a little swooning over these fences. 

The view of the park from Belvedere's Castle (although its really a tower). Its used as a weather station but you can go up to the two lookout spots. 

A view from the second observation deck. 

You know in the intro to the show Friends when they are all dancing around in the fountain full of water? This is the fountain. Funny story I have a picture of myself, Barb and my Mom from 4 years ago when we did a rickshaw tour through the park, the picture is absolutely epic and I really wish I had it on this computer.. I am going to look for it to share regardless! 

Another turtle in Turtle Pond. There were soooo many of them!

I won't lie guys as this point we had walked a million miles and I was beyond thirsty. I couldn't seem to drink enough that day and I was anxious to get to dinner. We left the park which seemed to get way more busy up by the Plaza, literally you could barely move and we made our way back to midtown to hit up Stout. If you've been around these parts for awhile you know that I absolutely LOVE Stout and I was so excited that Jason actually agreed to go as he is not the biggest fan. 

We arrived at Stout and I literally drank all my water, all Jason's and was flagging down the waitress for a refill, at which time I chugged that glass of water too. Dehydration is a real thing. It was a very lovely dinner and drinks, I was so happy we got to go there one last time before we are set to leave which is rapidly approaching. If you're wondering why I'm not jumping for joy its because we are technically just leaving our apartment and will be back in the city for awhile longer. 

So that was our day in Central Park.. before I would have told you the best time to visit the park would have been Autumn but truth be told there is something magical about every season! New York is absolutely a place to visit if you've never been.. put it on your bucket list guys! 

I hope you're having a great week!! 

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  1. Awesome pics lady! I am heading back as soon as I get back to get some more pics!

    1. I would love to go back and walk the park again when you get back. Its going to be so gorgeous as times goes on and we had such a great day exploring. Not to mention its way less busy during the week!!