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Products I'm Loving 4.21.15

Good Morning,

I thought I would pop in today and share with you a few products that I have been loving lately!

1. E.L.F Skincare Daily Hydration Moisturizer

As soon as I heard that e.l.f was coming out with a skincare line I was SUPER excited to give it a try. I personally think that e.l.f is an unrated brand and most people don't try it because they think because its cheap to buy its probably a cheap product and not worth it, I would say with these products most often them would be wrong. I use a ton of e.l.f products and have nothing but good things to say about them. Tanya and I were in the city a couple of weeks ago and popped into the e.l.f store, while looking around we both noticed how absolutely gorgeous the girl working there was, her face had this amazing glow and we had to ask her what products she was using. She said it was the skincare line, she said she wouldn't rave about it if she didn't truly believe it but her skin has felt and looked incredible since she started using it, then and there I knew I had to buy it. 

This stuff is AMAZING! First of all I absolutely LOVE the simple packaging and the pump top! It has no parabens or sulfates and the ingredients are as follows: Purified water and essential nutrients help hydrate and nourish for glowing, healthy looking skin. This lightweight, lightly fragranced moisturizer is infused with skin nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Cucumber to sooth and protect delicate skin. It's also rich in antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Grape, and Orange. 

I have been using this for a couple weeks as my daytime moisturizer and I cant say enough good things about it. It is lightly scented but the scent does not linger, its lightweight and my makeup goes on flawless over top. You really cannot go wrong for $8.00 and I will definitely be repurchasing this!! 

You might see a theme in the beginning here! I also recently purchased the e.l.f golden bronzer from Target for $3.00 after seeing a bunch of beauty vloggers rave about it on Youtube! There are 3 different shades that can be purchased depending on your skin tone so there really is something for everything. I am all about the bronze my friends, I use a bronzer every single day to tone down my ghostly-ness and as I am currently running out of the one I use everyday I thought I would give it a chance, how can you not for $3.00?? This particular shade has a sheen to it which I wouldn't usually go for in a bronzer but I really like it, it really warms up your face but doesn't look glittery. I don't use this to contour, or I have but just to give my face some overall color. I use a larger fluffy brush and swirl it around then apply it lightly to me face, it works fantastic. Its really blendable and doesn't cake or blotch on your face.. honestly you cant go wrong. If you are looking for something that will warm up your face as you are anxiously awaiting a tan then I suggest giving this a go! 

I have been on the hunt for a powder highlight for some time, I think a highlighter can really change your whole look but good lord are they super expensive. I have a liquid one from MAC that I really like but I just thought a powder one would be nice to compare. I had hoped that e.l.f would have the baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearls but it was sold out in store and is online as well. I decided that I would try the Pink Diamonds as its basically going to blend with my blush anyways so the pink tone really shouldn't make that much of a difference. This stuff is AMAZING! Again for $3.00 you can't really go wrong, but I would seriously pay $10.00 for it now that I have used it! Its beautiful, the color is fantastic, its buildable and blendable and I cant get enough. This is really a great time of year to brighten up your look and if you are looking for a highlighter check out one of the three shades e.l.f offers! 

I wont lie, I bought this because I had a coupon that basically made it half price.. what can I say I am a sucker for a good deal, plus I love lipsticks. When I went to Target to take a look at them I was really intrigued but the packaging, its super sleek and pretty and that definitely draws you in. All the colors are named after flowers too which is just too cute! I had saw these lipsticks talked about online and so I figured why not give it a try. I went with hydrangea because it was different from anything that I had and I thought really nice for spring and summer. This stuff is SUPER pigmented and if you are looking for a bold lip this is definitely up your alley. Its long lasting which is great and wears super nicely, doesn't feel drying or anything. I have been putting on a regular lip balm and then lightly dabbing this lipstick on to give my lips almost a tinted gloss look and I really love it. There is a huge variety of colors (20) and I believe something for everyone. 

Sadly I cant find a really good picture and the link above is actually to the 'buff' color because I can't find the white one anywhere. I purchased mine at Target and I believe I paid $1.00 for it! I was looking for a white or nude color for my waterline as it REALLY brightens up your eyes, I hadn't actually tried this method at the time so I didn't want to spend a fortune on something I wasn't sure I would get use out of if I didn't like what I had bought it for. I came across the Wet n Wild stuff in Target one day and right there was a white eyeliner, I have heard people rave about their eye shadow palettes although I have never used one so I thought why not give it a try. Let me tell you it serves its purpose well. This stuff is pigmented, it goes on flawlessly and works great to brighten the inner corner of my eye as well. I don't wear a ton of eyeliner but if I was looking to try different colors or something I would definitely repurchase these! 

This isn't really something I would normally buy, especially in this color but I was touring around Target one day (big surprise) and found this on sale from $7.99 so $1.12 or something crazy like that so I figured why not give it a try! Turns out its absolutely amazing and so I literally ran back to get more and they were all gone! Just my luck. Funny story I was super disappointed and then I lost the one I bought for a really long time, not to fear though I eventually found it. This stuff is really great, You can wear it by itself or over a nice base color, it has great staying power as well. I generally put a base on my eyelid, either a tinted eye shadow primer or a cream colored shadow and then I dab this over my lid and sweep it out with a brush to even it out. If you wanted a more bold look then you could use the applicator to blend it out if you would prefer. I really like this, its different and really makes your eyes pop, this is my first liquid eye shadow experience, well like this one and I must say.. I'm hooked! 

That's it for today, I am sorry I know there are a few of you that read who aren't into makeup and I completely understand that but sometimes you just have to share the goods with others! If any of you happen to give any of these products a try or have please let me know!!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a fantastic day! 

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