Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 2015 Trip Home

Good Morning,

As you all know last week Jason and I went home for a much needed long weekend! We hadn't been there since Thanksgiving because Jason has been so busy with work and to say I was homesick was an understatement. I packed two weeks before we even left. Like I said before we had a ton of stuff to take as well that we weren't needing here anymore and was just taking up space.

We were all packed last Tuesday night and Jason got home after two on Wednesday and while he was showering and packed everything into the truck that we were taking. We managed to get on the road by 2:45pm and although we were anticipating hitting traffic somewhere on the drive we managed to make really good time. We just stopped quickly to grab Subway and get gas and got back on the road. We arrived home around 10:45pm which was an hour earlier than we had expected! Guys let me tell you, the smell of the fresh air.. I had forgotten how good it is! While Jason was turning the water on and stuff I unpacked the truck and enjoyed the AMAZING mild weather we were having. We were a little over tired at that point so we managed to unpack most of the boxes before heading to bed.

There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! I know that may sound funny because obviously the bed we have at the apartment is also our own bed, but its just not the same. Since buying and enjoying the king size bed at the house it has sucked being in a queen size bed, laugh if you will but I kid you not last week one night I woke up in the night to find Jason's head on my face instead of the pillow! Jason likes to sleep in the middle of the bed, and well.. I like to elbow him in the ribs when he does!

Naturally we were exhausted but a couple hours after we got into bed the craziest thunderstorm started. I'm really not complaining on account that I absolutely LOVE a good storm! I laid there listening to the thunder and watching the sky light up.. I was seriously so thankful to be home!

Thursday morning Jason had a few appointments and while he was gone I had coffee and managed to get all the rest of our stuff unpacked. Once Jason got back we went out and did some running around, toured around Target (its totally different in the South, as well as significantly cheaper) and got some groceries for our couple of days there. The day was absolutely GORGEOUS so we decided to go home and do a little bit of yard work and just enjoy being outside.

I know this picture looks cloudy but it was sooo warm out. Jason was actually in shorts. Also the weather is so nice there that all the trees are in bloom, just beautiful. 

After puttering around the house we had an appointment to get our taxes done and then we decided to go to Shane's Rib Shack for some BBQ! We knew that going home we would definitely have BBQ and we are so lucky to have this amazing place right around the corner from the house, it definitely did not disappoint! We ate dinner outside and then went to Coldstone before heading out to do some more running around before going home. 

Thursday night was an early night, we were tired from the drive, lack of sleep the night before and all Thursday's running around. It was so nice to get in bed early and just enjoy being at home. 

Friday morning I had a hair appointment and let me tell you, I was really not sure that I wanted to go. Actually it was probably a bad omen anyways that it started to rain 2 hours earlier than it was suppose to, and by rain I mean horrific hurricane forced winds with a crazy downpour! I managed to get to the mall and although I got close parking by the time I got from the truck to the mall I was absolutely SOAKED! Good lord! It was only 10am and my appointment wasn't until 10:30am so I figured I would run to Starbucks and grab a coffee and then peak in Gap before going to my appointment. While I was waiting for my drink at Target I got a text from the hair dresser asking if I had forgotten my appointment, umm? Apparently it was at 10am not 10:30am.. OOPS! So I went running! 

I know I needed to cut my hair, I know it looks a lot more healthy but guys I swear I don't like it. I shouldn't say that I guess, it really is growing on me but still when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I am always like.. "shit Nicole, why? why did you do that".. I am still shocked at how short it really is. I cut off 8-9 inches and that's a lot. Like I said I am still getting use to it, its a big change. 

Jason was really shocked although he likes it, he said he didn't expect me to cut off so much but he thinks it makes me look younger. I don't know about that but I definitely wish that I may have kept an extra inch or two! Oh well though, its just hair and hair grows back!! 

Friday was a really nasty day, cold and rainy! We really didn't do all that much running around. Jason had a few drinks and realized (long story) that the lawn mower was broken! Long story short dinner got a little over cooked and I ended up driving over to Home Depot late to get a new spark plug and spark plug wrench. The spark plug wasn't the problem! It was FREEZING cold and we ended up being in the garage until 9:30pm trying to figure out that damn lawn mower.. to no avail. Piece of junk! 

Saturday was just a crappy day for Jason sadly, nothing went right and he was just in a really bad mood which doesn't make for a good day for anyone. Its not very often that Jason is in a bad mood but he felt nothing was going his way and therefore he was quite cranky. We managed to have Moe's for lunch which really improved my day, let me tell you. Moe's is always on the list to eat when we go home! The afternoon I just enjoyed the house and fireplace as we naturally took the cold northern weather with us to the south!

Sadly the weekend went WAY too fast and Sunday it was time to leave. Jason had an appointment in the morning so I cleaned the house and got ready to leave. We managed to get on the road early, once everything is done I find it hard to sit around and just wait to leave. Sadly our drive back was HORRENDOUS! Virginia is a miserable state for traffic, absolutely MISERABLE! The GPS continued screwing up and we didn't end up getting back to the apartment until after 11pm. By the time we got back Jason was absolutely LIVID and I wasn't feeling much better, we came in and dropped everything in the living room and just went to bed. 

I don't care that the drive back here sucked, I won't let that ruin our wonderful time at home. I absolutely cannot wait until this job is over and we can spend a little time at home. As I mentioned before we are moving out of our apartment on May 15th and will go home that weekend to take all of our stuff, not sure exactly what will happen from there but we are planning on coming back here for a couple of weeks. 

Overall we had a great weekend, its always hard to come back but this time I just kept telling myself we are in the final stretch and we will get to go home soon! 

Since we have been back we have been having decent weather! Yesterday Tanya and I walked around Hoboken which we haven't done since before winter! It was so nice to get out and tour around, today we are headed into the city to check out the flower show at Macy's and enjoy the nice weather! 

I hope you guys are having a great week! Thank you as always for stopping by! 

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