Friday, April 3, 2015

High Five for Friday 4.3.2015

Good Morning!

I hope you guys had a great week, I know that the Spring like weather we had yesterday turned my week around! I skipped last weeks link up because I just didn't have the time to sit down and put the post together as we were at home but I was looking forward to getting back here this week to join in, so lets get started!

1. Being Home.. OBVIOUSLY!

As you know we went home last Wednesday until Sunday and it was a MUCH needed trip! I posted about it yesterday HERE so I wont go into it all over again but by far that was the highlight of me week. Coming back however... but that's not really what this post is about!

2. Moe's Southwest Grill TWICE!

It says something that I had Moe's twice this week and was so excited both times that I didn't even manage to take a picture! Y'all know I look sooooo forward to going home and having a burrito at Moe's, its always on my list of places to hit while I am there and let me tell you, it never, ever disappoints! Well not only did Jason and I have burritos from Moe's last Saturday but Tanya and I hit up Moe's in the city yesterday! I won't lie I was excited but a little anxious because I wasn't sure it would taste EXACTLY the same as it does at home, but it did. I was so freakin' happy to be touring around the city in beautiful weather and having my favorite thing ever for lunch! WINNING!

3. Spring Weather

We got a taste of Spring weather while we were at home and it was amazing and thankfully said weather has actually appeared here in New Jersey! Tanya and I spent the day yesterday touring around the city without jackets on and it was absolutely GLORIOUS! I only wish I had been daring enough to put flats on before heading out in the morning. This winter felt long and cold, miserable truthfully and I am just so thankful that it is over! Spring is such a wonderful time of year, people are out everywhere just enjoying the weather, everyone has a smile on their face.. its just wonderful!

4. Art in Bloom @ Macy's in NYC

Every year Macy's puts on an amazing flower show, they redo the entire store and liven it up with the most gorgeous blooms! We were lucky enough to visit 4 years ago when we lived here and yesterday Tanya and I ventured into the city to see it. I plan to do a whole post on this Monday with many more pictures so stay tuned for that! 

5. Spring in the City

There are very few things that make me super excited about the city anymore, probably because in a small way I take for granted its close proximity and that I've lived here on and off so long that I have done more everything I have wanted to do. One thing I do love about living so close to the city is how gorgeous it looks in the nice weather. Being a huge tourist trap NYC really does go above and beyond to make this city beautiful come the nice weather. As you know this weekend is Easter and while touring around yesterday Tanya and I came across this gorgeous display at Rockefeller Center. I'm sorry for the quality of the picture, I couldn't get good lighting but let me tell you, if you ever manage to get to New York City than I highly recommend visiting Rockefeller Center, they always have beautiful displays outside, all year round. 

Well guys that was it for my week! I hope you guys are all enjoying the Spring weather that is slowly showing its face! 

Before I take off for the weekend I wanted to mention yesterday being World Autism Awareness Day! Unfortunately my Instagram doesn't seem to be working so I couldn't share this picture yesterday about this amazing cause so close to my heart but it is something worth acknowledging everyday! I appreciate that yesterday was the day to recognize this cause but it should be everyday! 


I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend, as well as all the Easter festivities! I believe Jason will be working so we haven't decided if we will have a big dinner yet or not! So Happy Easter to all of you and your families and I look forward to meeting back here next week! 

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  1. that bunny right? I wish the lighting was better! Loving the thought of more weather like yesterday! It feels so good!

    1. You got a great picture of the bunny, I should have tried to lighten mine up in photoshop or something! I'm looking so forward to enjoying this upcoming week of weather!

  2. I SO get what you said about Moe's! We went there while in Asheville and it was to die for! See if you can get them to come to Canada!!

    1. Oh Cathy if I could get a Moe's on every block in the entire world I would! I think you should write a letter requesting them, I don't think there is anything like them in Canada. You guys should also get on the Froyo bandwagon! I'd send you a burrito if I thought it would make it!