Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation lazy!

So I said I was going to be better about posting on vacation this time around but that just hasn't happened! In my defense we didn't bring the laptop and I really have spent all my time in or in the direct vicinity of the pool and as far as I'm concerned that is a danger zone for my beloved phone!

So it's 6:00am and for some reason I've been up all night so I thought I would try writing a post on my phone! I have written posts and saved them then published them from my phone but never actually written one on here, if it goes well I'm really out of excuses for my blog laziness! 

Our vacation has been great so far, it's been BEYOND hot here and having access to a pool 24/7 has made it more enjoyable than words! With our situation in Saskatchewan this is pretty much what I hoped our vacation would be! 

Over the weekend as mentioned we had a birthday party for my uncle which was great because being away all the time we see no one and any chance we get to see everyone together and maximize our time is fabulous! It was an all day affair with snacks and cake, Logan and I quite enjoyed the guacamole I made... He'd never tried it before but it was a hit!!

After the original 'stick your tongue in it to see if you really like it' action he dove right in! I wasn't the least bit surprised, who doesn't love guacamole? 

It was so great to see everyone, I'm not going to lie a bit of drinking happened... I mean not a lot, but a little... And at some point the little but of drinking lead to this... But like I said it was just a little bit...

I don't know what to tell ya, maybe it was a full moon?

When the boys arrived home from cottage life they were ready for the pool! They said even at the lake it was super hot and the drive home was miserable! The kids had been waiting all weekend to get them in the pool as they act like the biggest kids of all. Needless to say much pool water was lost, minor injuries occurred, everyone had a fabulous time!!

The best time for us to be home is definitely summer as our days consist of pool fun, grilling and beers! This is exactly why I love summer!!

Tomorrow morning bright and early we head to North Carolina!! I'm super excited as I always am but this time my brother is coming which makes it all the better! He has never been down there so I'm super excited for him to see the house and as much as he can with the time that we have! 

Our inspection is Friday morning and then we will head back, crazy I know to drive all those hours in such a short time but because we have an official closing date on the house this will be our last visit home for awhile so we want to make the most of it!!

That's right we got an official closing date!! August 30th!!!! Can you believe it? Truth be told I can't! The process really has been mostly seamless and quick but now that the reality of move in is closing in it really seems surreal!

Well I think I have successfully managed this post on my phone, I've added pictures but have no idea if they will be the size I want them to be and if they aren't how to change them, sorry!!! Cut me a little slack this time, I'll work on it!!

I will try and post again on Friday during the LONG drive home as I will definitely have new house pictures! Saturday we have family pictures and Sunday we head back to Saskatchewan, same flight as last time so a late night to be had!! After that I'll be back on track I promise!

Truth be told I've somewhat been "unplugged" from the social media world which is rare for me but I've been having such a great time! Unfortunately the days of this vacation are flying by. 

I hope everyone is well and soaking up the sun like I am!! I'm looking forward to getting back on track with posting and catching up on all the wonderful blogs I follow!


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  1. While I am glad that you are enjoying your vacation, I was sad to see that your guacamole recipe isn't listed in your recipe section, lol. Please send it to me once you get home and settled! I love guacamole :)