Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Packing... the impossible of all tasks!

No were not moving, not yet at least! Truth be told if I was packing our apartment to move it would be smooth sailing! We pack and move so much that we have it down to a science, literally! We generally save the boxes we move with so they are already labelled, I can literally pack the apartment in less than a day and be ready to get on the road! Although true story, when we arrived here and started to unpack it quickly became evident that we were missing plates and bowls! Not to place blame but when we were leaving Alaska Jason actually did a lot of the packing because I worked until the day before we left. Somehow between packing (I'm sure he actually packed them and we took them from Alaska), unpacking in Maine and then repacking to come here the box with plates and bowls in it got lost in translation! Not a big deal!

So we leave tomorrow to head back to Toronto, and naturally all we really need to take is clothes. Well this is obviously where the major problem with packing comes in. First of all, I cant pull an extra suitcase therefore we are only taking Jason's big suitcase and both of our carry on's! I hate having to choose what I am going to wear while we are away, how am I suppose to know what I am going to want to wear when I wake up.. say Wednesday? Who knows who I will want to be on Wednesday... fancy, lazy, stylish, beach like.. its all up in the air.. how do I pack accordingly?

Luck is on my side in that my clothes don't actually take up a lot of space, so for a 10 day trip I have about 13 outfits in my carry one, at least. I've managed to stick a few things in Jason's big suitcase but honestly I don't feel like I have enough, that I am going to wake up one day and feel like wearing something I left behind, and that spells disaster! When Jason and I travel I always have a huge suitcase and my carry on, I have more options than one could ever need and that makes me feel way better about traveling and wardrobe choice!

Jason and I pack completely differently, I simply go through my closet and drawers and pull out everything I think I might want. Jason on the other hand lays out outfits on the bed so he can see exactly what he is going to wear everyday.. I could never do that. He never seems to run out of clothes, or not know what he is going to wear, I see the obvious benefits of packing this way... however if I woke up on Tuesday and had to wear tights and a tank I know out of pure stubbornness I wouldn't want to wear it, and therefore I would pick something else so not to ruin my day and it would throw off the whole plan! Ridiculous I know!

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I the only one who has packing anxiety??

I'm doing laundry now but truthfully I really have packed everything that I'm going to take. When Jason gets home tonight we will have dinner, head the gym (I'm just tanning tonight, my shoulder has been feeling a lot worse so I feel no need to push it) then we are going to come home, shower and change and go have drinks with people from Jason's work who today is their last day. When we get home Jason will have to pack, which with his method of packing really doesn't take long at all.

Jason is working until 2:00pm tomorrow and then we'll be on the road! I was thinking it was going to really suck to get into Toronto around midnight but really with the time change it should feel like 10:00pm to us so it shouldn't feel so bad!

Well I should get back to laundry.. ugh.. have I ever mentioned how much I hate doing laundry here? One washer, one dryer, sharing them with a whole building, dirty laundry room! I try to avoid doing it until Jason runs out of clothes, because naturally it takes me quite a bit longer!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Happy Hump day!!

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  1. i have travel anxiety, but surely packing is part of that- I'm always worried I am going to leave something behind! it is so stressful!

  2. Helene I completely agree! However there is one advantage, if you forget something you really need buying something new never hurt right! Thanks for stopping in and reading, it means a lot! :)