Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How it all Started...

Good Tuesday Afternoon All!

It was my intention to post yesterday about just how I got started blogging, but when I received the new pictures of the house I just had to share, so I thought today I would get back to my original intentions and tell you all why I decided to blog!

As you all know Jason and I travel all the time, and as you can imagine it can be really hard to keep all friends and family in the loop as to where we are and what we are up to. I've always tried my best to utilize all means of communication to keep in contact with everyone but it definitely gets hard. I learned in moving away that in moving away relationships don't always last, some people need more than emails and phone calls and as much as I might not always like it I have to respect it. It also gets a little difficult when we have jobs and face things like major time differences like we did in Alaska.

When we left North Carolina to move to Anchorage, Alaska because it was such a long drive and everyone wanted to be kept in the loop every night when we would stop at a hotel I would send a group email to friends and family letting them know where we were, the time changes we encountered, state lines we crossed, events of the day and share any pictures that I took that day! Even though the days were long and tiring the emails became lengthy and everyone was responding with hilarious and heart felt replies.. it was great!

We arrived in Alaska and Jason started work the next day, it was my job to get on the apartment hunt as we were advised not to pick something online or over the phone like we usually would, having something to move into upon our arrival. The task seemed daunting but it also gave me content to continue the group emails that everyone seemed to enjoy so much. One week in Jason was working, we had an apartment and was moving in and I had a job.. fabulous news for us.. but truth be told our day to day life is really not all that exciting so the content for emails were lacking. Everyone seemed super disappointed that they would no longer be getting the emails so I tried to think of a way to keep everyone in the loop at the same time but not feel obligated when there was really nothing to tell... enter blog idea.

Truth be told I love to write, I always have. In high school journalism was a huge thought as a career and honestly I still kick myself for not pursuing it (yes Mom you were right). I figured a blog would be a great way for me to write, with no real obligation but when something arose worth sharing and it would also be a GREAT way to inform everyone in the same place of the same things rather than sending a thousand emails all with the same content. Lets be honest that's really how communication diminishes, its really hard to sit and write 10 emails all with the same content but different random side remarks, its ridiculous!

I absolutely love blogging about our adventures, sharing pictures and keeping our friends and family informed of where we are and what we are up to. Our life in Alaska was always an adventure, there was always something going on and pictures to share, something to write about. After Alaska we traveled again, went to Hawaii and then continued to travel before we ended up out here.

When we got out here life was less than exciting, we were living in a hotel, the terms and conditions of Jason's job were back and forth and we had no idea how long we would be out here and unfortunately any amount of time seemed unbearable! I really had nothing to blog about and eventually I started to miss it! I guess in so many ways I had centered my blog around our travels and adventures and with nothing to report I felt like there was nothing for me to write about.

Truth be told life here was quite miserable, that tends to happen on jobs sometimes... Jason works long hours, I work long hours, we never see each other, don't get out often to do anything, time differences from home, I could go on and on. This job is a little different, we are literally in small town prairie hell! If you know me at all you know that I am a city girl through and through.. I don't have any use for small towns at all. I like convenience, coffee shops, malls, book stores, traffic, pubs, drive thrus, delivery at 2:00am, people who are in a rush to get no where just like me!! Knowing that we would be here for a couple of months, that I wasn't going to work and there would literally be nothing to do, I didn't take to that very kindly.

You see when we were first coming out here we were under the impression that quite a few of the people we usually travel with would also be coming out here, therefore I would have friends out here to spend time with during the day, that made the thought of this place tolerable! When we arrived everything changed and not only did we get stuck in the worst apartment ever, the job changed and no one else was coming.. great! I started getting in a rut of being miserable, hating this place, crying all the time, giving Jason a wicked hard time when he would come home when really it wasn't his fault at all. I definitely needed to find something to focus on and in this place of nothing that wasn't going to be an easy task!

I decided to think about the things that made me happiest and blogging is definitely one of them. I did a lot of research on blogs, I had no idea blogging was the phenomenon it is! I was really excited to make changes to my blog and start writing about more of a variety of things! At the time my friend Paula was making changes to her blog and sent me in the direction of Aubrey with Kinch Designs. I sent Aubrey an email and explained to her what I was looking for and what I was hoping to do with my blog! With a week of emails back and forth, my blog became more about me and what encompasses my world and not just about our adventures. I absolutely LOVE the design Aubrey came up with, it makes me smile every time I sign on.

I couldn't be happier with how my blog looks now and the variety of things I can write about. I really love the blog world and connecting with other bloggers through all different forms of social media! Bloglovin' is a great way to follow blogs of all sorts (like mine!!) full of all sorts of information! You can sign on and create an account, research different genres and see what blogs may pertain to that, its fabulous! This morning I woke up to my daily email from Bloglovin' (you get daily emails with all the new posts from the blogs you follow) and I had 49 unread posts! Believe it or not I read everyday, most likely more than once a day!

I love what my blog has become and the world its opened up to me! I love to write and it means the world to me that people stop in and take time out of their day to read about whats going on in my world, what I have to say about things!! For all of you that take time out of your day to drop in and read, THANK YOU... from the bottom of the heart your time and effort doesn't go unnoticed!

Feel free to explore my archives and read back as far as you can, there are definitely some gems of literary achievement in there, let me tell you!!

Before I part ways I have to share a picture of the dinner I made last night. I have been really meaning to start posting recipes I try and pictures of the process, but we were getting ready to travel when I changed my blog originally and sometimes I fall into a rut of making things that we both want rather than trying new things, and then I hurt my shoulder and let me tell you doing anything with one arm is a challenge let alone trying to take pictures of it! I was going to take pictures of this meal in particular but let me let you in on a little secret, cutting a spaghetti squash in half with one hand and a clever is a dumb idea and you will cut both hands, multiple times... don't say I didn't warn you!

So here it is, spaghetti squash with roasted chicken, halved grape tomatoes and garlic... amazing! (Please ignore the picture quality, I didn't take the picture with the thought of posting it, I was just going to send it to my mom.. haha)

Thanks for stopping in, Have a fabulous day!!

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