Monday, July 1, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

Good Holiday Monday Lovelies! Well its only a holiday in Canada because today is officially CANADA DAY! I hope that everyone who gets to enjoy the holiday is making the most of it and having great weather for it!

Truth be told Jason and I don't generally get to enjoy many long weekends, we were talking about it last night wondering the last time we did something for a long weekend. When we were first together we rented Sarah's cottage for the first time on Victoria Day weekend, and then the weekend we got engaged was Canada Day weekend and we went camping with Kristy and Rol, but since then I'm pretty sure Jason has worked every long weekend.

Being here has been frustrating to say the least, mostly lonely and with Jason working all the time and there being absolutely nothing to do around here I feel like summer is wasting away and I have waited so long for it! Last year we were in Alaska and we really didn't get a summer at all, we both worked all the time and it was the coldest summer on record in Anchorage so there wasn't much to enjoy anyways. I am always cold and look so forward to this time of year, I seriously couldn't wait for this summer thinking that we would at least make the most of Jason working all the time and that just hasn't been the case.

I haven't been feeling my best this week, mother nature is reeking havoc on my body and pretty much I've been cranky to the point of intolerable! Last night Jason got home a little earlier than usual so we headed to the gym. Last Sunday while at the gym I hurt my shoulder, I went up in weight and while lifting I heard something pop in my left shoulder and felt quite a bit of pain, not like a pulled muscle though. Throughout the week it has just gotten worse and I've been staying away from lifting which is frustrating because I've been feeling so good and improving immensely! I really don't know what I've done to it, but at this point I cant lay on it or anything! While at the gym last night I decided to try lifting again and right away I knew it wasn't a good idea and I was so upset! So instead of crying (which would not be out of character, and truthfully the way things were headed) I decided to go tanning. Jason would usually encourage me to continue to try but I think he could see the frustration on my face so he said he would be ready when I came out of tanning!

I know it seems ridiculous to cry over something so small but when you are making progress and hit a wall its so frustrating! We make the gym a priority and when we went home last time I could see an obviously decline having missed 10 days! So being here and being able to be at the gym but not get an overall good work out bothers me.

Anyways lets move on to something a little more positive! Because Jason was home earlier last night we decided to go to dinner which was great because it never happens and it was a beautiful day! We headed over to Boston Pizza because truthfully there isn't a lot of other options, especially if you are looking to sit on a patio! We had a great dinner, pitchers of beer were their special... SCORE! When we were getting ready for the bill Jason headed in to the washroom and came out and said that a bunch of guys from work were inside, one being someone I haven't seen since we lived in New York, so we headed in to have a drink with them! With this job its always great to run into people you haven't seen in a long time, catch up and have a drink!

After that Jason had said that a bunch of people from work were heading to the beach.. wait.. the beach? There is water around here? and a beach? Clearly someone has been holding out on me! Jason didn't seem overly inclined to head out there but I INSISTED! We absolutely never get out and do something and what says long weekend and summer like beers on the beach?? When we got down there I was so pleasantly surprised, it was actually a really nice spot!

Can you believe Jason didn't want to come here? Although please refer to the third picture from the top as that is Jason in the water approximately 5 minutes after our arrival! It was so beautiful there, most of the people who were there from work were people that I hadn't met and were all extremely nice! They had a huge picnic set up with snacks, a soccer ball that everyone was running around with, people were swimming and having beers.. hello Canada Day weekend!! FINALLY!

We had a really great time, unfortunately it got quite cold (to my standards at least, I was in a summer dress!) so we decided to head out as it was coming on dark! It was so great to get out and meet everyone, enjoy summer and not feel like the long weekend was such a waste! On the way home Jason spotted the car wash was still open and because the truck hasn't been washed in a dogs age and was in desperate need we decided to stop. My job was to spray which Jason soaped and scrubbed... long story short in the end Jason was soaked and I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile! Haha! The whole night was great!

Today Jason is working and I am being lazy and counting down the days until we head out for vacation (10 days!). On top of a great night last night I woke up to this beauty in my emails which really set the tone for my day!

Can you believe the progress in just days?? As the pictures we receive look more and more like a house I feel more and more excited! At this point we shouldn't have to worry about any more delays as the roof is on so regardless of weather they should be able to work! Hopefully Jason will speak with the contractor on Wednesday and he will be able to give us an actual date for our predrywall inspection and we can plan for that! I will definitely keep everyone posted!

Happy Canada Day!

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