Monday, July 8, 2013

Excitement Wins Every Time!!

I got up this morning with the intention of starting to get ready for vacation!! By this I mean making a list of things that I wanted to blog about while we were away with some notes that way I didn't disappear for the whole ten days like I did last time! I always have good intentions but truth be told last time we didn't take the laptop and we were so busy for the whole time I might have fallen short anyways, but this time we have a much more relaxed trip planned (planned being the key word there, you never know what is going to happen) so I'm hoping to be able to drop in here and there at least to let you know how things are going, especially when it comes to house updates!

So today I was going to sit down and tell you all just how it started, my blogging that is. I believe when I first started blogging I might have mentioned what sparked my interest but now that my blog has changed so much and there is a variety of followers I thought that I would back track a bit and give you the real scoop... well I got a little side tracked when I checked my emails only to find a FABULOUS email with house updates and pictures!!! So naturally I really just want to share!

As I've mentioned being in Canada and not being able to be in Raleigh all the time to see the progression we look so forward to pictures and updates. To be honest as the house is progressing and the pictures are coming its almost shocking to see how quickly things are coming together!

Here are the pictures I received today!

 This is the view from the Kitchen into the Dining room/Living area! The framing right in front will eventually be our Island!

 This is from the corner of the living area facing in towards the kitchen/garage area behind the kitchen and hallway/ flex space to the left. 

If I'm correct when you comes up the stairs their is an open space to the left, I believe that is where this picture is taken from. You are looking into the loft area and the door to the master bedroom. To the left there will be a wall separating the loft space from the spare bedrooms, laundry room and bathroom. 

MY BATHTUB! I am super excited about the master bathroom and what it will all look like when its complete! To the left will be a walk-in shower and all the shower, tub and floor will be done in a beautiful tile we picked! 

I think this view is hilarious, but its great to know we have shingles! Unfortunately the front of our house wont look like any of the others you see in this pictures are we are using a different builder so I cant compare for you! I love the view though, I love that we are on a quiet culs-de-sac! Have I mentioned how excited I am?

There are just no words, the farther along the process goes and the more pictures we get the more surreal it all seems. This is an extremely overwhelming experience, buying/building your own home... putting out an extraordinary amount of money (SUPER stressful), sharing this amazing experience/life milestone with my hubby! 

I am officially counting down the days until we leave to get there, and more so until this baby is complete and we can officially move in! I am also looking forward to sharing the process with all of you! 

I will leave my "How this all started" post until tomorrow, my excitement just totally overtook my plans and I had to share the house pictures with all of you! I hope you enjoy!

Have a great Monday (is there such a thing?)!

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