Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back in the Saddle!

Back in the West once again and trying to get out of my funk!

I do apologize for my lack of blogging while away, truthfully I shouldn't promise that I will be better about things because generally I don't know where I would fit it in, especially without a laptop to sit and focus and get my thoughts out. This trip we had a lot more time to actually relax and truth be told we took complete advantage! While we were home Toronto was experiencing an unbelievable heatwave and therefore we spent every spare moment at the pool! Generally when we go home we spend all our time visiting, getting to places we haven't been to in awhile and miss, visiting people, getting things done we need to do because we don't have access or whatever here in small town Canada.. oh and did I mention visiting people? Every time we go home we generally come home feeling like we need a vacation from vacation.

This trip home was wonderful, the first half was extremely relaxing and we came home feeling refreshed for the most part. My last blog was just before we headed down to North Carolina for our predrywall inspection with our home builder. The drive was long as usual, but my brother came which added a whole new dimension to the trip. My brother has only been to the States twice, once when Jason and I got married and in April when he went to Vegas! We were super excited for him to come down and see the house, meet the Seavey's and add a little bit of entertainment on a somewhat boring adventure.

We left Toronto just after 4:00am and got into Fayetteville, North Carolina just after 7:00pm!! We unfortunately hit a ton of traffic in Virginia as usual!!! We picked up my sunglasses and headed to the Seavey's to visit and join in on Miss Josie's birthday festivities! Unfortunately it was a really short visit as we had to be up at 6:00am the next morning and on the road to meet our builder in Raleigh at 8:00am!

There are really no words for the feeling of seeing our house for the first time. The last time we were down there nothing was completed and this time it looked like a house! YAY! We couldn't wait to walk around the house, in the house, see the land with the house on it, all of it! It is so amazing to see our plans and dreams really playing out! Oddly enough though when we went into the house I had this odd feeling of "Shit, they screwed up, this place is so small!!" I have never walked through a home before that is just framed with no drywall and I don't know why but it seemed so small!!

Take a peak!

After the inspection we got back in the car and headed back to Toronto, somewhat unwillingly. Truthfully I have a hard time leaving every time we are down there, our house is there, our future and every time we have to leave it seems were leaving more and more and it gets harder. Not to mention the fact that we had JUST been in the car for a million hours the day before and the thought of doing it again did not seem appealing at all, but we had family pictures the next morning and if we didn't return I have a feeling we might have been in some trouble!

Our drive back was pretty uneventful, we took a different way so we could take my brother on the Blue Ridge Parkway through West Virginia! Way better drive and we didn't hit any of the Virginia traffic, however we might have made up for a little of that when we reached Buffalo. I tell ya, we saw a lightening show like I have never seen in my life, it was absolutely amazing... until the rain hit... Seriously it was like a monsoon, you couldn't see two feet in front of you, it was super scary! It was mostly scary because although we were in a little car going 2 miles an hour because we couldn't see anything, there were trucks FLYING by going 50mph.. GOOD LORD!

Either way we made it home safe and sound, not looking forward to getting up the next morning but none the less we were there.

Saturday morning moving a little slower than usual we headed out for family pictures. We had decided we would all coordinate in jeans and white shirts and do mostly casual pictures. We haven't seen them all yet, but we did get a preview today... not too shabby!

This last picture my eyes look all screwy but whatever, I thought I would include it anyways. We should be getting a CD full of pictures soon, at which point I will share more!

So we headed back to Saskatchewan last night and it was a really long night. It took a lot longer to board the plane for some reason and we ended up taking off about 25 minutes late. We landed later obviously but got our bags quickly and got in the truck for the two and a half hour trip back to the apartment. The drive was fine, we almost hit a deer (my stomach essentially was in my throat for a short period of time) and we went through a sobriety check which slowed us down quite a bit! None the less we made it back safe and sound... and exhausted!

Here are some pictures from our drive home.. I just love the sunsets here!

Although I was absolutely exhausted yesterday I was super excited to get up as my fellow travel lovely was coming to visit! Tanya and I haven't seen each other since March in Seattle as we have been on different projects since Alaska. We ended up our here in Saskatchewan and her and Josh are in Lima, Peru! Talk about far away! We email, text, face-time and send cards and letters but that is only us making the best of bad situation because we are usually together. Being out here has been so hard on me with knowing no one and not having anyone we usually travel with, so a visit was exactly what I needed!!

Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time as Tanya had to head back to her parents this afternoon which is a 5 hour drive away! Although the time FLEW by, I so enjoyed seeing her face, having a friend to go out with, sitting and drinking wine and chatting. Her leaving today didn't go to well, as I sobbed hysterically... good lord I missing having friends, being out here is so lonely!

Here are a few treats Tanya brought me from Peru...

Pretty stuff isn't it? I'm a lucky girl to have such a great friend! 

So we are officially back and I plan to get back in the swing of things and get on blogging more! Tonight we are going to go grocery shopping (which I hate) as we have absolutely nothing in the house and then to bed early!

Before I sign off I have to share a fabulous find while I was at home! I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedges for awhile and I just haven't found something that I was totally in love with, until I found these! Not only do I love the look of them, but I absolutely love that they were on sale for $19.99!!!!! Love Payless Shoes!!!

Please stick around, I know I've been MIA for the past week but that is all about to change, you're going to get sick of me.. seriously! 

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  2. I absolutely LOVE your new home...no wonder you have a hard time leaving. You definitely need to give me your address when you have one (LOL) and I will try to send cards & things. I also LOVE the family photos - you & Jason are so photogenic & look so good together.

  3. Thanks Cathy! We are so excited for the house to be done and to start making it our own! Once we get in there and start figuring our decor I will definitely be in contact with you about your pictures! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the recent one I commented it, that is completely my style!
    The family pictures turned out great, we haven't had our pictures done since the wedding so I was very excited, I can't wait to get the rest!