Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello Travel Week!

Greetings from Summer heaven!

Ya that's right I'm saying something good about this place, don't get use to it!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! For those of you in the States I'm sure may of you are enjoying the last day of your long 4th of July weekend and to you I say.. I'm extremely jealous!

I guess I will back track a little! On Friday I went to the doctor about my horrific shoulder pain. Diagnosis - torn rotator cuff, swollen ligaments and impeached nerves. Ugh!

As you can imagine this is not good news! Its not good news for the obvious reasons and its not good news because he wants me to see an orthopedic surgeon, but he only comes into town once a month or something (so I'm waiting on a call and hoping we will be in town when I can get an appointment) and generally anything with a surgeon is a lengthy process. Truthfully I'm hoping it will go away (yes I know that's not likely) and if it doesn't I hope that it will be the kind of tear that doesn't require surgery! In the meantime he gave me pain killers because right now managing pain is all I can do. I don't particularly like to take anything like that so I'm only using them at night because that's when I find I am in the most pain. Misery! 

On a good note Jason had the day off yesterday which always makes me happy! It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL summer day and we really took advantage! We got up in the morning and went to breakfast at Humpty's, Jason absolutely loves their pan scrambles and fancy coffee drinks with whipped cream! After that we headed to the farmers market which I have been wanting to go to for months and ran around doing errands! It was such a beautiful summer day and because Jason never gets a day off we went for a beautiful drive (I forgot my camera and phone... eek!). When we got home Jason made a fabulous dinner and we got in bed early to watch a movie. Side note: If you are thinking the movie Snitch with The Rock is going to be this fabulous action movie as it is advertised.. that's a lie. 

Days like those make me so happy, because quality time for us like that is so few and far between we really do appreciate it. 

Jason is back to work today and this week we are getting ready to head back to Toronto on Thursday night! We are taking a WAY better flight than a ridiculous Friday morning, no sleep travel plan! This time we will be in Toronto from super late Thursday night until the following Thursday morning when we will get up super early and head down to Raleigh. We need to pick up my sunglasses in Fayetteville and be in Raleigh Friday morning for 8:00am to meet the contractor for the inspection. Crazy I know but we are planning to drive back to Toronto Friday on account that we really don't know when the house will be finished and this may be our last visit home for quite some time so we want to make the most of it. 

I was really hoping to be able to share new house pictures with you but it doesn't look like I will be getting any until tomorrow. I do believe I have one new one that I haven't shared, its not fabulous but take a look!!

So that's our scoop! I have made the effort to download a plethora of new books on my Nook, so keep an eye out for some upcoming posts on the books I'm reading and what I think of them!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Hi Nicole, sorry to hear about your shoulder. Sounds terrible and hopefully you can avoid surgery.
    Question: when you refer to your nook, what is that? An E reader?

  2. Thanks Steve, definitely not an ideal situation. I actually got a call from the surgeon this morning and I have an appointment July 26th, so hopefully I will know more then.
    My Nook is my Ereader, I suppose its similar to the Kindle without the keypad. Jason bought it for me for Christmas years ago and I absolutely love it!! Its affiliated with Barnes and Noble, I can actually share books with other people who have Nooks, you can play games and even use the internet on it! I believe its a States thing though, but you can check it out here..