Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh July... You and Your Holidays!

Happy 4th of July to all you lovely Americans! I would love to tell you that this post is coming from me via the beach with a cold beer in hand, but unfortunately that is just not the case!! Can you even believe that I am originally from Canada, and we were in Canada for Canada Day, Jason is American and it is now the 4th of July and we have not celebrated once.. pathetic I know! I plan to make up for it when we go home, a week from today! Better late than never right??

So as of today my shoulder is no better, when I woke up crying (don't look at me like that, it was inevitable) yesterday morning I decided to make a doctors appointment and to my surprise they could get me in tomorrow morning! I've been so bummed about the fact that I cant lift at the gym and I was in such a great place, I'm frustrated that I cant sleep and or do much without pain, so as much as I don't want to go to the doctors that's where I will be tomorrow morning! 

However I have to tell you, something good has come from all this. I refuse to just not go to the gym, really if I did that I would only be hurting myself! I may not be able to use my arm but I am more than capable of getting in some cardio! Truth be told since we've been out here I haven't focused much on cardio which is usually my favorite part of exercise! I generally hate lifting and get really discouraged about how "weak" I seem compared to what Jason is lifting, yes that a ridiculous comparison! When we got here the gym is so small and was always so busy that cardio wasn't always an option so I got in the swing of doing back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps and truth be told I cant tell you the last time I ventured any sort of cardio at the gym at all...until last night! I miss cardio! It was so great last night to sweat like you only do when on the treadmill, elliptical or bike! The calories burned right in front of you, it was GREAT! Bring on the cardio my friend, bring it on! 

Anyways seeings how we aren't at some beach, lake or cottage where we conveniently drank to much last night and could care less what we look like today, I put on make up this morning! I read a ton of blogs and because I love to try different make up products I really enjoy reading what people recommend and why! Mascara is one thing I'm always changing up every time I come close to running out, I'm convinced there is the perfect mascara out there and I just haven't found it yet. So a couple of weeks ago everyone was recommending Maybelline Rocket Volume Express! So because I am always on the hunt and have never tried this myself I figured I would give it a whirl... big mistake!

See that little tiny brush? BAD! I should have known better, truthfully I have tried different brushes before and this one is NEVER one of my favorites but I was convinced that because everyone was recommending it that maybe, just maybe the product itself was so good the brush wouldn't make that much of a difference.. WRONG!

No that is not my eye. But do you see how the top lashes look like spider legs? Hate that! In searching Google for pictures to represent my complaints I did come across a bunch that show perfectly covered, non-clumpy, perfect lashes.. they didn't get it from this product, I would bet money on it! Maybe it has to do with the length of your lashes, thickness, I don't know.. but I'm not impressed. Its unfortunate though because mascara is expensive, especially when you go through a lot of it... and spending a fortune to replace a tube used once is a damn shame! Just sayin'.

Now to the purpose of this post, because I somehow got off on a tangent of holidays and mascara   I am a lover of books, hence there is a section on my blog dedicated to just books.. which has never been used. Truthfully I go through phases where all I will do is read, book after book, day after day and I am so content! I absolutely LOVE to read!! But lately I've been in a slump with reading, I haven't found a fabulous book I want to read, haven't made the effort to download books on my Nook, don't want to buy actual books knowing we are moving and don't have room to take them! So I am asking for your help!

I've been on Good Reads and rated a ton of books and made a list of a ton of books I want to read, and somehow I'm not utilizing it (so if you want to check out what I'm up to on there, feel free to click on my  Good Reads button or right HERE). 

I have to be honest with you, part of my problem is that I miss having a book in my hands. Don't get my wrong I absolutely LOVE my Nook, its so practical for us moving around and traveling so often, but I miss a real book in my hands! Maybe if I just got off my tush  downloaded some books and had some new stuff on there I would feel better about things! So help me out, tell me what you're reading! What you've read recently and really enjoyed, what you think I might like!! I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday.. maybe even reading a good book at the beach??

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