Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't Know a Good Thing.. Until its Gone?

Good Evening All!

This post is coming out a little later than I had hoped but my thoughts haven't been processing clearly until about now! Unfortunately my shoulder pain is effecting my sleep greatly and last night I didn't get much sleep at all. I've been the queen of icy hot and the heating pad today hoping that at this point it just doesn't feel any worse tomorrow like it seems to every other day! I'm pretty convinced due to my own research and pain that I've done something to my rotator cuff, this just doesn't feel anything at all like a pulled muscle and I have indeed experienced that before.

But now that I am up and running with clear thoughts I figured I would drop in and post about something that has been on my mind for days! For those of you who are new around these parts I haven't talked much lately about my love for sports! I am in particular an NFL fan, I grew up in a football house and Jason and I both live for football season! We attend games whenever we can and truthfully Sunday football are the best days in our house! Since being with Jason I have really gotten into basketball as well, he is a hardcore Celtics fan and I've grown to really enjoy the game. Unfortunately the Celtics have dismantled their entire team as of last week including getting rid of the great Doc Rivers so what next season holds should be interesting to say the least. I don't much care for baseball on the TV but I love to go to games! Growing up in Toronto I saw a ton of Blue Jays games, Jason and I had the opportunity to go to Fenway Park in Boston, we've been to the new  Yankee Stadium and Tanya and I went to the AWESOME Mets Stadium! Truthfully I like stadium size beers!

In being a sports fan and being married to a true New England Patriots fan I have been following the story of  Aaron Hernandez. I'm not sure how much you know about what is going on with him but let me start by telling you this. Aaron Hernandez is an amazing tight end, at the age of 23 he should be so proud of his accomplishments in his career. Hernandez just signed with the New England Patriots for 5 years at $40 million, with a signing bonus of $12.5 million!!! Did I mention hes 23?!? With Wes Welker being traded to the Denver Bronco's this season could have been Aaron Hernandez year to shine, take the spot light and give it his all like hes so proven hes capable of!! Show the Patriots it was money well spent!!

Instead of celebrating his accomplishments on the field and off (Aaron Hernandez has a fiance and a eight month old daughter) he is in jail being held on murder and under investigation in connection with another murder of 2 men that took place last summer in Boston. Really? I cant help but wonder how (pardon my language) having the world by the ass isn't enough to want to hold on to it for dear life and not screw up in the biggest possible way! Did the money go to his head? Did it make him feel invincible? Did being so young with this much fortune alter his ability to think clearly? Basically what the hell was he thinking?

I have been watching updates for days on the Boston news and I swear the more I hear the worse it gets. Gang affiliations, getting drunk and disorderly in clubs and having to be forcibly removed, domestic issues results in him punching a hole in the window of his home and bleeding all over the place.

I recently saw an old interview with Hernandez where he boasted about being one of very few Hispanics in the NFL and how proud he was of that, and should be. He said that it was so important for him to be a role model, to show people that not matter where you come from you can achieve your dreams... but at what cost? What happened to make those just words and not a way of life? How many people get to live their dream, love their job and never worry about money like him? From where I'm sitting, not many! To take that for granted seems so unbelievable!

I came across THIS article the other day and it amazed me how many athletes have put themselves in positions to lose it all, and over what? The rise and fall.

I know that these athletes are in the public eye and for the most part you have to be skeptical of the information posted on social media sites, however in most cases lets be honest the evidence is staggering.. at this point as much as I would like to believe that Aaron Hernandez is being framed because of his fame and that someone else is responsible for this unnecessary tragedy I somehow don't think that will be the case!

The worse part is, we are all (myself included) focused on Aaron Hernandez and the headlines that revolve around his situation...Being Investigated for two murdersBloody fist 911 callKicked out of bar for pounding Tequila, to throw out a few of today's headlines! We know that he is adapting to prison well, 7000 square foot home to a 70 square foot jail cell. He went from the medical ward where he was being held due to his celebrity status (for his own safety) and is now in a solitary unit where he gets 3 hours free time a day, away from the general population.

Why are we talking about Aaron Hernandez and the fact that hes been so polite in prison and not asking for any special privileges, the importance of keeping him safe when people have lost their loved ones potentially at his hands, if were being diplomatic here he is innocent until proven guilty! What about those families? The sister of Odin Lloyd who received a text message from him just minutes before he was killed letting her know if something happened to him he was with Aaron Hernandez!

Its sad to me that someone can work so hard, probably be further along in life than he could have ever imagined and now its gone and for what? His reputation as a gangsta? Good job buddy, you enjoy your rep in the big house for the rest of your life! The Patriots dropped him and are going as far to disassociate themselves by offering anyone who owns an Aaron Hernandez jersey to come down to the Patriots Pro Shop at Foxboro on July 6th & 7th and trade it in for that of another player! He has lost all of his endorsements, with Puma and the makers of Muscle Milk, those aren't going to magically return.

What makes people take the things in their life for granted the way he obviously did? How many people would give anything to be a 4th round draft pick, a multimillionaire before the age of 25, have a beautiful family?

I guess what I was getting at here in all my ranting is everyone is lucky in their own way, just because you work for something doesn't mean you cant lose it a lot quicker than you got it. Don't spend your days not appreciating the little things because when bad things happen you don't get them back.

Regardless of who did it or why Odin Llyod lost his life, his mother lost her son, his sister lost her brother and I think that deserves recognition.

In keeping with that theme, I will leave you this. 19 Firefighters just lost their lives trying to save others in Arizona this week, this is the largest loss of Firefighters during one incident since 9/11. Their families and communities need our prayers and attention. Please see THIS heartbreaking video of something that actually deserves media attention.

Life is short, hug your loved ones.

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