Monday, July 29, 2013

Not the Smartest Cookie in the Jar!!

Well I had the best of intention of posting my first recipe blog but it didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to do so until I was completely done... which wont be until tonight when I add the pasta because I hate soggy noodles! So although I am most of the way through the recipe I wont be able to post it all until later.. my apologies... but cut me some slack I'm new to this food blogging!

Anyways I thought I would stop in anyways and share last nights dinner with you, as well as the tale of my run in with karma!

If ever Jason has a day off which isn't often it is generally a Sunday and he will usually make dinner. Jason is an amazing cook and therefore when he decides to make dinner it is generally something that isn't my forte, like ribs. I'm not a lover of ribs to be honest, I have a huge issue with any meat you have to pick off the bone while you eat it.. it seems so barbaric! But Jason made some fabulous ribs before our last vacation and gave me a piece with no bone.. SCORE! I'm not even going to lie, he will generally pick the meat off the bone so I can eat it, did I mention how much I love him?

Unfortunately Jason had to work yesterday but he was sure that we still needed to have ribs and was confident I could make them (as good as he could!). I wasn't too keen on the idea, not that I don't like to try new things but I don't care to compete with Jason in the realm of cooking and I knew when he got home from work he would poke at all the things that were different from when he made them without actually saying he liked his better!

I defrosted the ribs the night before and when I got up in the morning I put them in the pan with a bit of water to prevent them from burning or sticking to the bottom of the pan. I put a dry rub on them of Mesquite, garlic powder, pepper and a touch of seasoning salt!

Jason was recommending cooking the ribs a lot longer than I thought necessary but I took his word for it because as I said cooking ribs is not my thing! I put the ribs on at 2:50pm at 350 degrees, just as you see but covered in foil! I did not check them or open them up until 4:15pm. At 4:15pm I opened them up to make sure there was enough water, smothered them in Maple Bacon BBQ sauce, covered them back up and put them back in the oven at 400 degrees. A half hour later I opened them again, put more BBQ sauce, turned the oven up to 450 degrees and put them back in uncovered to cook for the remaining half hour! (Doesn't that just seem like such a long time?) However this was the final result!

They turned out amazing, super tender and falling off the dreaded bone they unfortunately come on! At this point Jason was home and although he took credit for the end result (because he came home three quarters of the way through the cooking process and occasionally checked to make sure I was following directions). He cut them up and got them ready for dinner while we finished up the asparagus and twice baked potatoes!

Not to shabby right? I thought they turned out great, and now I am MUCH LESS intimidated to tackle ribs if Jason isn't home! Growing up Sunday dinners were a pretty big deal, it was definitely a night to have bigger dinners while we all sat around the table (as we did every night) and I definitely think last nights dinner was a perfect example of a great Sunday night dinner.

After dinner I was sufficiently STUFFED and however much I would have loved to sit on the couch the kitchen needed to be cleaned, the dishes needed to be done and put away... all those things you dread most after a big dinner (this is exactly why I hate big dinners). Once I was finished all the clean up (which Jason felt no need to participate in) Jason was ready to go to the gym, I however was not. I pitched a fit as I would have much rather gone for a nice drive, taken some pictures, read a book.. you name it. I was stuffed and the last thing I felt like doing was hitting the treadmill, but when Jason is set on something there is no changing his mind and Sunday night is a gym night.. so I went... quite unwillingly. I was super cranky on the 5 minute drive and was the least bit pleasant signing in.

I got on the treadmill and thought if I was there I was just going to make the best of it... well that only lasted about 10 minutes and my Ipod died.. seriously? Who does cardio without music? I decided to just push on, I didn't need my Ipod, there were 3 TV's in front of me, each with a different sporting event on... I could manage. A few minutes after talking myself into pushing on the back on my foot started to hurt. I have been saying for awhile I needed to get higher socks as I really like the ones that sit below the ankle but I find sometimes my gym shoes rub, which is exactly what happened last night.. hello large blister!! I tried to continue at this point I was just determined to get through it, but when the blister broke I was done!

I got off the treadmill told Jason I was done and got in the truck and came home, leaving him there to finish his workout. Don't freak out, its literally a two block walk from our apartment, I didn't leave him stranded... truth be told I'm not even sure why we even drive there. I came home, had a shower, washed the floors and planted myself on the couch to watch the new Keeping up the Kardashian's... judge me if you will.

I'm pretty sure all my complaining and miserable attitude was really the cause for the dead Ipod and blister... KARMA!

So I'm off to finish laundry and start a new book I just got, I will keep you all posted on that and maybe get something under the Book section of my blog too. Because I explained how I cooked the ribs does that mean this post constitutes a recipe? I think so!

Check back later for homemade chicken soup!

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