Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinterest Love for our New Home!!

As you all know from all my house update pictures we are building a home in Raleigh, North Carolina! We couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to build and design our own home but I'm not going to lie there are definitely some stressful aspects. Generally when buying a house you are focusing on one number, the price of the house and how you can negotiate that price. When building a home you are focusing on the price of every little thing as well as the larger price. There we things we knew would be large numbers to contend with on top of the price of the house itself, flooring, counter tops, cabinets, etc... but we didn't realize all the little things we never expected, lighting, wiring for ceiling fans, cable outlets, phone jacks, etc.

We have had our final price for a long time now and as we are nearing our closing date we have started to do a lot of thinking about decorating. Jason and I generally sit on totally different sides of the decorating spectrum, I love bright and colorful, unique and decorative and Jason would just as soon paint the whole house beige, throw in some earth tone colored furniture and call it even... that wasn't going to happen.

I will admit I am SHOCKED at how much we have both willingly compromised and come to some decisions that we are both really happy with. We are focusing on certain rooms in our home because as you know we do travel quite a bit and we have no idea at this point how much time we will actually get to spend in our new home before the next project.

I really wanted to share some idea we had with you that have absolutely been inspired via Pinterest! I have blogged about my love for Pinterest before but it has been such a huge help in inspiring decorating ideas as we are not in the house right now and with our current location don't have the option to walk through furniture stores or the wonderful Ikea to get ideas.

So for our bedroom we have decided on a Grey color for the wall, at this very moment I cant say we have decided on a shade of grey, although I assume it will be darker. We would love to have dark wood furniture (I can already see the dust...ugh!) and for linens I am thinking something like this...

1 // 2

Jason and I really love the grey and white, and the pop of yellow is definitely me but Jason doesn't seem to be opposed and for that I am grateful, truly I think just grey and white might seem to cold and sterile. The master bedroom is probably for me the most exciting to decorate, I really want something cozy and inviting.. Oh how I cant wait for a king size bed!! Travelling we generally have a queen size which obviously works but thinking we wouldn't be on this job long we are actually using an air mattress... no I'm not lying!

This is also a really great template for bedroom ideas, I love the different components of this, the lampshades, the sunflower pillows, the fabulous mirror! I'm not sure Jason will go for the sunflower pillows, I try not to push too far with flowers and other girly stuff, haha!

Another aspect of our decorating thoughts is our front entrance. The front entrance of the house is actually quite a large hallway and obviously a focal point in the house, something that will be peoples first impression when walking in our home. Its so hard to decide what will look best, and again I'm sure a huge part of this is that we are not in the house to actually have a concept of space, etc. So I have been playing with idea's on Pinterest and have a few idea's of what I think we will be leaning towards in regards to decorative accents. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

There are just so many ideas that it is really hard to decide what will look best. I am strictly going off the fact that we have dark hard wood floors, a wide space, tan walls, nine foot ceilings, etc. I absolutely cannot wait until we are actually in the house and can put these thoughts and ideas into effect!

When we aren't focusing on specific rooms I am definitely focusing on little things that will make the house ours, represent us as a couple and our (or my) taste! I absolutely LOVE the idea of accents chairs, I would just as soon have them in every room, I believe they can be a focal point, or just a pop of color. They can be used strictly as a decorative accent or a function piece of furniture! These are a few I have come across on Pinterest that I love. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I believe our biggest area of disagreement is the main living space! Jason is hell bent on having a recliner (lazy boy) and let me tell you first off, I hate those things... they are never nice looking, they are chunky and bulky and in the way, not to mention the fact I believe a lazy boy creates a legitimate lazy boy!! Because Jason has made a lot of compromises I absolutely wont tell him that he cant have one, as much as I want to... but I want in on the choosing process. It isn't something we are thinking will be a first priority, we will be looking at couches and coffee tables first. These are a few "pinspirations" I have...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Its funny putting my ideas all together and seeing how different they are! I am so anxious to get into the house and see how things turn out, I cant wait to share it with all you either!

Last but not least I will share some of my office ideas... truth be told I always thought when decorating an office I would really stick towards very old fashion, dark woods, leather wing back chair, very classic! Lately though in all my pinning I have been leaning towards a much more modern, clean lines, white office themes. I do believe this is something that wont actually happen, its just a thought. Jason and I have always thought that an office would be a very mutual place, somewhere for my to write, blog and there is always the potential of Jason working from home. So these probably aren't ideas that will make their way into our home, but none the less I love them enough to share. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

As you can see absolutely none of these ideas are classic, dark wood or anything that I said we would actually want. In all my office findings I really got into all of these modern looks!

I have a ton more ideas, just little things that make organizing more convenient, and I look forward to sharing more in the future as we get closer to actually putting our thoughts into action! Unfortunately I must end this post although I could really sit here all day sharing my Pinterest thoughts with you.. but as I was writing I got a little bit distracted (this tends to happen when Pinterest is at my finger tips) so it took me a lot longer than I was expecting and I have to get dinner ready! Feel free to check out my For the Home board on Pinterest in the meantime and see all my many ideas!

I will admit, although I slept in a little late this morning I was actually quite proactive and roasted a chicken to make homemade chicken soup tomorrow for dinner! I will make sure to add pictures and maybe finally get something in my recipe section! Check out my chicken. 

Thanks all for stopping by, feel free to share some of your decorating ideas and suggestions! 

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  1. Your home is going to be just gorgeous!! I will want to see pictures of every single room once it's decorated:)

  2. Thanks Cathy, I am so very excited!! I cant wait to share all the pictures of the inside of the house coming together. Jason and I have been talking a lot about decorating and our ideas and what rooms we will paint first, decorate, etc... just until we get there full time and can really make things come together. Its all starting to feel really surreal!