Friday, March 16, 2012

Guess what I learned today?!?!?!

I'm so excited!! I learned to crochet today!!! No kidding I have wanted to learn to crochet forever and Deanna came in today in a really great mood with her crocheting stuff and TA DA I learned how to do it.. check out what I mad!! They aren't perfect but for a first try I am perfectly happy with them!!

Haha pot holders!!! You are all getting a set for Christmas unless before then I learn how to make slippers.. if that's the case I might actually make everyone slippers!! Bob please show Joyce this, I really think she will appreciate it!

Nothing much going on today.. I could have swore last night I heard on the news that we were suppose to get 8-12 inches today and I nearly jumped out of bed and freaked out.. but I didn't! And its a good thing I didn't because it didn't snow at all today surprisingly! It was actually pretty nice out, not too cold or anything. So tonight Jason made pizza for dinner and it was GREAT and then we decided we would go for a walk.. we walked all the way down by the creek and around! I skated really.. Jason walked and I skated.. I'm serious my Uggs are a god damn death trap!! This weekend we are getting me some new hiking boots!

Check out some of the pictures from our walk.. its benches.. benches covered in snow, the lake, etc... This is the creek and lake right beside our apartment! Literally it was a 5 minute walk from our apartment!!

In the above picture you can see Jason running back from the creek, haha he came flying out of there so fast I thought he was running from something.. but apparently he was just having some fun!

On the way back we were walking along the trail and this jogger came up behind us and I didn't hear him at all and I totally freaked when he tried to get by us.. haha I'm so uneasy walking anywhere around here because I'm so scared something with four legs is going to eat me.. Jason was laughing hysterically at me!!

So we got home and I went for a bath and while I was in there I remembered that I forgot to leave the message on the phone at work tonight with the emergency number on it... so I jumped out of the tub threw on some clothes and had to go back to work and leave the message because if I didn't my luck there would be some kind of mega crisis and I would get in major shit.. and so far I'm in every ones good books so it wasn't worth it.. therefore I risked pneumonia going out with wet hair to make things right! See I'm a good employee who deserves time off when her family comes!!

Anyways I just watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practise, Jason is taking the hard drive our of the computer and trying to put it in the little case he ordered from Hong Kong on it.. but so far its not fitting.. its probably not helping that he got shampoo in his eye when he was in the shower and cant see! haha!

I hope everyone is having a great week.. note my more frequent blogging!


  1. kitchen is blue!

  2. Haha Im on it! I just bought an abundance of yarn! Im so excited! Although its harder than it looks! Im sure one I make a few pot holders I will be all set!