Monday, March 5, 2012

Tomorrow is Monday? Really?

This weekend CANT possibly be over! Honestly after this last week I'm wishing more than anything that this was a long weekend.. although having said that I have already been informed that the only long weekends I will get or day off rather is the 4th of July, Christmas day and New Years day.. Stellar!

So I was all on my own this week at work and it was absolutely ridiculous busy.. it was the beginning of the month so all the rents were due and people are calling to tell me why their rents are going to be late, etc.. plus move ins and move outs.. etc! It was just a super busy week and it snowed every god damn day.. Saturday we got a TON of snow.. Ive pretty much had it with the snow. Here is why... this is our walk way and the driveway at work.. ridiculous.. look at all the snow on the roofs!

 Not to mention Ive been on call 24/7 all week and go figure every night I have gotten an emergency call.. unbelievable! So last night I said screw it, they don't pay me to stay home.. so we picked up Josh and met Zach at the Firetap Ale House for dinner and beers! Usually the pizza is awesome but last night it sucked, but the beer was good and that's what I really went there for! So Josh and I drank beers and convinced Jason and Zach to go to Eddies.. some dive bar close to Josh's place, they have a band there on Friday and Saturday nights.. so we had a hell of a time getting there with all the fucking snow and by the time we got there I had to pee so bad but was scared to venture to the bathroom.. in the end I didn't have a choice.. I went to the washroom and none of the doors locked so some girl said she would hold the door for me.. haha ok? Then on the way out I was looking for the guys and some guy says "I would marry you"... haha! This place was a joke! Anyways we continued to drink beers.. mostly Josh and I because Zach looked uncomfortable and wanted to leave and Jason was driving.. so we sat around talking about how much Josh misses Tanya, which I'm not going to lie was super cute! - Tanya I'm giving Josh a ton of brownie points and so should you.. he said he has wanted to go see this band for awhile but didn't think it was appropriate to go to the bar by himself without you.. all night he talked about how hard it is here without you.. it was super cute! So we eventually went downstairs to check out the band and I met George Strait.... haha well not really but he looked IDENTICAL to him.. I guess I sat in his friends seat which is what started him talking to me.. Jason and Josh were standing on the other side of me. Then we stopped talking and I was talking to the guys and then he tapped on my knee and I turned around and he asked "do you think your boyfriend would mind if we danced?".. haha I told him I didn't know but I wasn't very good at two steppin'.. anyways Jason wasn't for it at all so he eventually got up and moved. So we stayed for awhile longer, I was watching the band and all the sudden Jason and Josh bust out singing at the top of their lungs Dierks Bentley.. haha!

Today Jason and I took a drive to Girdwood, the whole drive is on the coast, we went to Alyeska ski resort and all up around Turnagain Arm.. the drive was awesome, I took a ton of pictures that I will send out after this hopefully. The drive was great though and then we came home and Jason cleaned the truck while I did laundry and made dinner.

Here are some pictures to hold you over until I send the other ones.. This is of the Portage Glacier.. its pretty amazing!

I'm actually pretty exhausted.. I don't want to go to work at all tomorrow!! This being on call 24/7 is bullshit..

On a good note we got an EXCELLENT post card in the mail yesterday.. Bob.. you shit! I will admit that postcard was pretty epic.. but with all the snow we've been getting the humor was more elevated than usual. Check it out.. pretty clever I would say..

That's pretty much it here, I would write more but I'm in a bad mood and I just want to go for a bath and go to bed. I'm hoping tomorrow night I will be able to pick up my wedding ring.. I sent it in AGAIN to be fixed after they fucked it up so bad when they had it in North Carolina to clean it and I talked to the manager at the store that sent it away on Friday night and she said she got the list of things that had been done to it and it was EXTENSIVE and quite costly (to them, because they did the damage in the first place and I have a lifetime warranty on it) but she didn't think I would get it back until Monday, so hopefully that is the case and it better be a lot better then it was or I'm going to lose it. I have a major complaint in with Kay Jewellers themselves and I'm told they are investigating but I don't have a lot of faith in that. I'll kee you posted as to what happens there.

Ok Im going to put the pictures up in the morning instead of tonight! But I will do it in the morning I promise!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great Monday!!

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  1. So I have been waiting for you to update your blog since Feb 27. Then today, I realized that I kept hitting refresh on February Page. Idiot. So I just read all the March blogs. I almost cried when I read the one about how much Josh misses me!
    Still love reading all your posts! And If I had anything important to tell you I would email more. But nothing happens. Ever. lol. But I will email you soon!
    love Tan