Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Greetings from the deep freeze! Regardless of all that is good it absolutely never fails it is always freezing here!!

Yesterday started off awesome, I planned to sleep in much later than usual because I am always so tired it seems and of course because I'm on call I get an emergency call at 6:30am!!! I was asleep and the phone rang and I answered it and it was the creep show I moved in last week! He realizes he has woken me and apologizes and said he would have called later if he would have known that it was my personal phone. So he AGAIN details his shower to tell me when exactly his hot water went out.. so I tell him that when I got in I will have Mike come and look at it! Then he says "So how are you??".. you're kidding me? you want to chat? I'm tired, screw off!!

So I went to work and it was fine for the most part, I made another pot holder and I started on a blanket last night.. it will probably take me forever but I'm sure excited about it!! We had the young couple come in again who wanted out of their lease.. well they gave their deposit and signed the lease.. therefore I have entered it all into the computer and the lease is a legally binding contract! So although surprisingly Deanna isn't going to charge them the $695.00 for breaking the lease she is going to keep their $500.00 and they are expected to pay rent for the first month unless we rent it.. that's the way it goes. I'm sorry they jut wasted $1,900.00 when they are teenagers and she is pregnant and due in 2 weeks or something but it is what it is. The shouldn't have rushed into it, they should have thought about it So they didn't seem impressed leaving but what can they do? So the girl who was also getting in on the deal I guess decided to go to college and when she caught wind of the news she decided to come in herself and see. She said that this guy is already talking about lawyers and stuff so I was honest with her... he is going to get a lawyer and take us to court.. hes going to still owe the $1,900.00 plus hes going to pay our court cost $450.00 plus his own and we will then charge the $695.00 for breaking the lease... is it really worth it? The lease was drawn up by a lawyer.. it is what it is.. he signed it knowing the terms and conditions.. deal with it! Or waste your money and pay more.. your choice.

After that I had the pleasure of doing the move out of Private Henry Williams. I know Henry pretty well as Ive dealt with his rent and all his military orders to do the move out. Mr. Williams was deployed with no noticed to Afghanistan to take the place of a fallen soldier. He will leave his daughter of whom he parents by himself and she will move back to Texas to be with his sister, he will leave his belongings and go there knowing the danger to risk his life until November. I don't know if it is because dealing the the military so closely is something so new to me, or because I know Henry Williams so well and think he is such a wonderful guy.. but it was really emotional... I cant imagine what he is going through or his family.

Henry was originally air force and decided to end his career there quite awhile back, he found that he really missed it and decided to re-enlist.. however they were at that time no longer taking re-enlistments because they were downsizing... so he enlisted in the military. He was sent out here in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan but upon arrival told that he would absolutely not be leaving here, so he brought his daughter out and got her in school and 2 weeks ago he got his orders. I got a ride over to his place with him and we talked about nepotism in the army and laughed about how the porkers get away with not going through the fitness assessments.. he graciously answered all my questions about what he does and deploying and how he felt about it. After his walk through he insisted on taking me back to the office and I couldn't help but think about all the faces we have seen on the news for years of fallen soldiers.. I wished him well and told him to stay safe! I thanked him for all he does for our country and closed the door. I cant help but wonder what life will be like for him over there and hope that he comes back to his daughter safe.

Of course Jason saw the sadness in the situation but he was beyond pissed that I got in this guys car! I tried to explain to him that Deanna insisted even though she was there and I wouldn't have done it if I didn't know Henry but Jason was furious! There has been a few kidnappings here and I probably shouldn't have done that.

Last night was a quiet night, I crocheted and Jason watched TV and then we went to bed early. I slept in this morning which was GREAT, then Tammy, Imelda and I went and got manicures and pedicures and it was GREAT!!! The pedicures were EXACTLY like the awesome ones we get at home and I got the gel nails because I bite mine so bad and I'm really trying hard to stop! It was a GREAT day!! Tammy leaves tonight at 12:30am for her flight home to Mississippi.. she has a layover in Seattle and one in Dallas and then she will get home tomorrow night at 5:00pm!! Can you even imagine.. this place is so far out!! So I will be on my own on Tuesdays from now on.. so sad!!

So Jason should be home anytime and then we are heading to the gym and come home and make dinner and stuff!! Nothing too exciting!!

I hope you have all had a great start to the week!!

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