Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some people really are that stupid!!

I don't have a lot of time but I HAD to blog today and tell you what happened at the end of my day today.. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL CAITE!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day lady!!

So my day was crazy busy, I was on the go all morning, and with the snow melting because we are actually having weather above freezing and everywhere you look there's a lake!! So naturally we are getting tons of calls that peoples roofs are leaking.. today it is into the light fixtures above the washing machines. So Mr. Phillips has lived here forever and is a wonderful gentlemen was very kind about the whole situation possibly because he dealt with the same thing last year.

So I showed a bunch of units and had a lot of interest and had a lot of promise for people to bring back their applications tomorrow, especially from military! As my day was winding down I decided to read the new Sophie Kinsella book that Tasha sent me for me nook (THANK YOU AGAIN!! I'M LOVING IT!) I was so content sitting there and reading when the phone rings and it comes up a Washington cell number.. I didn't even think.. I didn't even put two and two together that it could be one of the SNC guys.. well it was.. and worst of all it was Kevin Mallory!!! Kevin is such a hard ass, it was his walk through I did that was awful and Tom and I got into an argument about and I cried!! He is completely in his right wanting things done and wanting them done properly but he's a jerk about it most of the time, he wants it done only when its convenient for him and he doesn't even go about that in a nice way. This was all before he even met Jason. Since meeting Jason and finding out that I don't like my job or the way they are he seems to be a lot nicer to me.

So he calls and tells me its a significant leak over the washer, and that the light fixture is filling.. haha sound familiar??? So I told him that I would call maintenance and have them come and look at it. So I called Mike and he said that all he can do is put a bucket underneath the drip.. SHIT! I know Kevin isn't going to take that.. and hes going to give me shit about it. So I called Tom (at my own risk) before I even called Kevin back. (Side note - Tom actually came in today and said that he and Deanna would be away from April 11-20 and May 10-24 and I would have 3 Tuesdays in there that I would have to work and so if I wanted I could take the 3 days off when my parents comes so I would basically have almost a week off when they are here!!) So I called Tom and he said.. OMG get a tea, sit down, you aren't going to fucking believe it!!

HE SAID "There is nothing we can do. These people are pathetic, they cant mop up a little bit of water? They want to take everything they can get from us. What pisses me off more is that they come here and take Alaskans jobs because they get three times and the pay and can actually get a job, they are pathetic, they make me sick... they should just get use to Alaska or leave!!" HAHA It took everything I had not to say.. Well Jesus Tom what do you think about me? or my husband who works for the same company as this gentlemen?? MAYBE THEY ARE HERE BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE CAN BUILD A POWER PLANT YOU DICK!!! I couldn't even believe it.

Anyways I called Kevin back and was honest, I didn't tell him that (although I told Jason and he said that he was going to tell him tomorrow) but I told him that they wouldn't do anything, I told him that Jason and I had the exact same problem and so have many other people and they wont do anything about it. I said that I understand its an electrical hazard and he is absolutely within his right to be PISSED but short of getting on the roof myself and shovelling the snow there is nothing that I can do. I told him to call back tomorrow and talk to Deanna. So then I got off the phone with him and he was pleasant, and then I felt worse and called back and gave him the after hours emergency number which is Tom and Deanna's house phone and I told him to call after 6:00pm and he would get Tom and he is the one telling me that there is nothing can be done.. and he thanked me and said he would climb the ladder from there! So I am DYING to know what Tom said to him. I have heard many stories about people calling about emergencies and stuff and ended up moving out because of the way they were spoke too!! He actually called one woman's husband a "pussy" for calling the emergency phone when he felt the guy could have handled the problem himself! HAHA.. needless to say they too moved out!

I couldn't even believe it, I couldn't wait to get into the truck and tell Jason what had happened! I know that Jason cant wait to go to work tomorrow and see what happened! Friggin' joke! These are the people I work for!

So that was my day, after work Jason picked me up and we went right to the grocery store and came home and put groceries away and had sandwiches for dinner. I'm going to have a shower and go to bed early. Jason has been exhausted for days he's really not sleeping well at all for some reason and his gums are bothering him?? I don't know.. he's convinced he has mono.. haha I don't think so but something. I'm trying to convince him to give Melatonin a try, or I have some mild sleep aids in the medicine cabinet for when insomnia strikes.. so we'll see.. he's not keeping me up yet so I don't have to slip anything into his drink when hes not looking! I'M KIDDING.. kind of.

Alright I'm going to get ready for bed.. I just HAD to share that story with you!! Hilarious!

Hope you all had a great hump day!!

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