Sunday, March 18, 2012


I thought I would update you all on whats been going on this week because for some reason I feel like I actually have a lot that I haven't told you, which I guess really cant be true on account that I have blogged more this week than I ever blog.. oh well if I repeat stuff I apologize.

Wednesday night was my first night back at the gym, I wasn't too impressed when we went in to be honest.. Jason has been going with Josh and since we got the membership and said it was nice, and clean and never busy.. well when we went on Wednesday night it was PACKED and smelled like a friggin' locker room!! There were really no machines available and I just felt like I was in the way or people the whole time and people were staring, I wasn't really comfortable. Either way I got a good work out and we came home. Thursday night after work we went for a walk.. and I know I posted pictures of that walk so you know all about that.. haha ok I catching myself before I repeat stuff!

Friday after work Jason went to the gym and I walked around Fred Myers getting yarn and crocheting needles and chatting away to mom! I didn't feel like going to the gym and I wanted to get my own crocheting stuff and we needed a few groceries! When I left there I went to the truck and when I opened the back door to put the groceries in Jason's gym bag was there.. haha he was in Fred Myers looking for me! So I text his phone and told him I was in the truck.. while I was sitting there waiting you are NEVER going to believe what I saw!!! Some guy had his car door open in the parking lot with his shoe and sock off cutting his toe nails.. GROSS! Its so unbelievable... so much so that I didn't want anyone to think I was lying so I took a picture to prove it! hahaha!!!

Friday night we decided to go and watch the Northern Lights.. it was suppose to be a good show and we haven't seem them SUPER great yet and that is something I was really looking forward to when coming here! So we stayed up and went out at about 10:30pm and drove down to Earthquake Park! (I don't know if Ive ever told you guys but we feel earthquakes here all the time, I would say at least 3 times a week! Alaska is on a major fault line and literally sometimes I will be sitting on the couch and the whole apartment will shake for a good minute, sometimes its worse than others!) anyways we could see them driving up to the parking lot we wanted to go to.. we went to the far one first but the airport is right there and the planes kept flying right over our heads.. haha one time when the plane took off the Northern lights faded a little.. and Jason was like "Great the plane pissed off the sky" I couldn't help but laugh and tell him I didn't really think that was how it worked! So we went up to the next parking lot and it was still good there! I didn't get any pictures but Gary Jones was out the same night and saw EXACTLY what we saw so I thought I would share a few of his pictures so you can see what we saw! It really is amazing to watch these lights dance across the sky with no rhyme or reason!

We didn't get home until after midnight and so needless to say Saturday I was tired! Work was pretty busy though which was good because it kept me busy and the day went by faster! Although it wasn't exactly a good day on account that two people backed out of their rentals when they had already given their deposits. Legally they forfeit their deposit in doing that because that's why we get a deposit, we take a unit off the market to ensure they get it and therefore in that time we could have rented it to someone else. This is also why we insist their deposit be paid by money order because that way they cant put a stop payment on the check.. either way the girl is pregnant and I talked to her and she said that she felt like she dove in too fast and she didn't know that she could FOR SURE make the payments! So I gave her the deposit back, I'm not sure what she can do with it because its a money order but whatever, I didn't feel right about keeping it. I don't know what will happen with the other couple, Deanna rented to them.. I don't want to deal with it. The guy is a creep show!

Anyways last night we wanted to go out for St. Patricks day! Well I wanted to go out, I'm convinced my red hair makes it against the law not to celebrate! Jason and the guys seemed indifferent but by the time my work day was over and Jason was home from skiing there was BIG plans! So I got ready and we picked up Rob, Josh and Chris and headed to O'Bradys (fitting right!) they told us it would be 45 minutes to an hour and we said we would wait in the bar and then we got a table in literally 5 minutes! So we all ordered traditional food.. Jason & Josh got fish and chips, Rob & Chris got corned beef and cabbage and although I debated the Shepard's pie on account that no one would make it like mom I got it.. with a corn dog on the side! I was hungry!! Anyways dinner SUCKED! Josh & Jason's fish wasn't really cooked, Rob & Chris's potatoes were kind of hard and my Shepard's pie was disgusting! I couldn't believe it.. they call themselves an Irish Pub.. WTF! My corn dog wasn't bad.. and I said I didn't want fries with it.. just the corn dog and this is how it came...

KRAFT DINNER! I almost fucking died!! I cant even stand the smell of this stuff, I have absolutely NEVER bought it and nor would I.. I think its sooo disgusting.. lol but Jason dove right in! The meal wasn't so expensive which was good on account that it sucked!

So then we headed back to our apartment to meet Zach and call cabs to go to the next bar. So we called cabs and they wouldn't send a van and there was 6 of us so I got in the first cab with Chris and Zach and we headed to the bar! The place is this HUGE building and there is 9 bars in it I think.. one had a band, one had a deejay, one was like a country theme, the Russian room the bar was made out of ice, they had patios, etc! Anyways everyone was drunk but me because I wasn't feeling like shit like I had the weekend before.

So we toured around and the band was really good so we watched them for awhile, then they started a wet tshirt competition! Well let me tell you.. what a mixed bag of BAD this bar had for girls! Zach and Chris are single and I think they would have had to lower their standards significantly to even talk to these girls. I'm not being a bitch, but these girls had no self respect, it was bad! I had a really good time sitting with the guys while Josh, Jason and Rob went on about how happy they were that they are married and Chris and Zach were pointing out everything wrong with every girl. I can see why there is 5 guys for every girl around here.

Anyways the place filled up when the girls took the stage with their ripped wife beaters and completely diminished any self respect they had while having guys pour water on them. But honestly from where we were we couldn't have seen any of it if we wanted to.. we were so far in the back and we couldn't move, before girl number 2 hit the stage the guys already had a pool table in the other room. Thinking it was safer in there I suppose but eventually the guys who had been playing at the next table to ours all night were escorted out for having a gun.. awesome right! We had to go through metal detectors to get into the damn place.. are they just for show? Christ!

Eventually everyone started to die down and was ready to bounce! We headed outside for cabs which took awhile to even make it to the parking lot, this place was PACKED! We got outside and piled into a cab, which parked beside some guy trying to make himself puke! Chris went back in hoping to find a winner, and the rest of us piled in. Unfortunately the guy realized there was too many of us and said he would lose his license if he got caught.. so Zach and Josh got out because we wanted to go eat and they just wanted to go home! We headed to Denny's.. CLOSED... Ihop.. CLOSED! WTF where do drunk people eat at 2am when everything is closed!?! Isn't Denny's open 24/7? isn't it law? So we ended up at this random diner and we get in and get ready to order and Rob realizes he left his IPhone in the cab.. FUCK! So we call it a million times and we cant get anyone and so Jason calls the cab company and finally the cab driver calls Jason back and says he will bring the phone back if he gets some cash for his gas.. asshole! So he says he wont be long, so we try to RUSH through our meal thinking we would catch a ride home with him.. well he gets there and were running out the door and trying to pay (literally I'm at the cash and Jason is standing at the front door with his sandwich and bowl of gravy dipping.. lol) but Rob came back in and said he wouldn't give us a ride he had people waiting! So we sat back down and continued to eat while Jason called another cab!

While we were in the diner there was this odd group of 3 sitting a couple of tables over cursing up a storm and being thugs basically! So when we went out when we saw the cab pull up they were out there saying it was there cab... haha well Jason was already literally pulling the people out of it who were being dropped off and yelling "This is for Jason right?!?!" so theses people start to freak out.. literally LOSING IT!.. and I worry about stuff like that because there are a lot of bad areas in Anchorage and a lot of crime. So Jason gets in.. haha and tells everyone to get in we will split it.. well the cabby isn't having that! So finally one of the people in this threesome was a guy and tells me to get in the cab because he can tell I'm freezing. I profusely apologize telling this guy that we had called a cab and I was sorry theirs hadn't come, because at this point the cabby is saying he was here for Jason! So Jason and I are in the back and these 2 are outside the car screaming and cursing and flipping out.. Rob wouldn't even get in.. it was kind of funny. Finally Rob got in the these people were screaming and the cabby told them and I quote "Go fuck yourself" and took off! haha we made it home safely, with all our belongings.. all in all I would call that a successful night!

Today Jason inevitably isn't feeling his best! But we got up and showered and had breakfast before heading out to get a few groceries and stop at Sports Authority to look at hiking boots for me. We saw Josh's truck in the parking lot so as soon as we got in the store Jason took off to find him and I tried on a plethora of boots but nothing worked for me! So we headed home! Jason napped while I made lunches, cleaned and finished laundry!

Jason finally got up and made some chili dip.. Kristy I think you would be proud.. I actually like this one.. its pretty awesome.. check it out!

Then he decided he was going to grill, well were not suppose to grill... we are not suppose to have them, it says in our lease and it is against the municipal fire laws or whatever! He knew this. But he bought a little grill and he bought the charcoal today and he fired it up this afternoon. WELL.. I'm on call today and I get a call from our downstairs neighbour who is FREAKING OUT because she smells gas in her apartment!! I couldn't tell her that was she was smelling was my husband disobeying the rules of living here and grilling.. so I said I would check it out! So I waited and then called her back and told her that I went out and checked it out and it was someone grilling and I reminded them that it wasn't allowed and they put it out! She was fine with that and Jason just had to deal... the grill was at this point probably a waste of money! I figured this would happen but Jason insisted he had to have one, and I'm not going to lie I appreciate a good turkey burger on the grill.. and we got away with it in Toronto and Saskatchewan.. but no dice here! So we never had any dinner at all.

Back to work tomorrow! I'm suppose to learn to make slippers tomorrow at work! haha! I'm hoping the day goes by quickly and because I am REALLY looking forward to Tuesday and having Mani/pedi's with Tammy and Imelda! Ive even tried soooooo hard all week not to bite my nails and have been successful!! I'm just looking forward to a day off.. I feel like having two days off a week and its split up doesn't feel like much time off at all.. and because I work until later at night some things just have to be taken care of on my day off!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and wonderful weather you are having... NOT! You're assholes! Everyone of you that are posting it all over facebook and stuff.. how you are in your flip flops.. assholes!

I do really hope that everyone has a great week though.. really.. I'm not lying!!

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