Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bruce is Back!!!!

Well talk about having something interesting to blog about! Bruce is back and let me tell you he was ready to get up close and personal! Maybe he was looking for a place to rent, it was cold out today! Sad truth is the poor bugger is hungry and looking to get food where ever he can!! Deanna wouldn't let me give him my apple, she was in a mood today! I should have just done it anyways!! But so you can get acquainted.. please meet Bruce!!!

He seemed so friendly... I so wanted to pet him, he was only 4 feet from me! I was sending Jason pictures of him though and he warned me to keep my distance if I didn't want to get trampled! I have seen this guy run before so I took the advice.. but he was so cute!!

I hope Bruce is around to meet the family when they come, maybe even with horns!! I don't think this year though! But maybe Bruce has a dad, he came from somewhere.

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