Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ok so I thought I would blog really quickly because Ive been slack and haven't done so in quite a few days and I said that I would make sure I made time to blog and I haven't.. besides I know that most of you I don't talk to on a individual basis all the time so this is the only way that you know whats going on.. but in all fairness you can all email me too.. this blog is so one sided.. you all know what is going on with me but I have no idea what is going on with any of you.

So whats been going on.. Monday work was crazy busy again which was fine because it goes by that much faster, I came home from work and Jason had made an AWESOME turkey pot pie.. as I say all the time Jason is a wonderful cook and turkey pot pie has to be my favourite thing he makes, so we went out and bought a rotisserie chicken (so I guess its actually chicken pot pie.. I lied) and after that we went to Target to pick up a few things, I swear it feels like we have to go there every other night.. clearly we aren't very proficient shoppers.. although really what I think it is, is that we don't decide what we are going to eat all week before we go shopping and if we do we decide we want other things and don't have all the stuff we need to make it.. haha hence the multiple shopping trips every week! But shopping with Jason is always a treat anyways. Check out the chicken pot pie and Jason in Target!

That is a picture of Jason trying to determine whether or not that chair and table set was practical for the deck and playing cribbage.. haha.. he needs to know these things!!

To be honest Monday was a SUPER SHITTY DAY though.. I got some pretty bad news in the morning (no fear, everyone is fine, its only bad news to me) and then Jason called me Monday night before picking me up from work to tell me that the IRS shit still wasn't solved and we could still potentially owe a lot of money.. FUCK! So when we got home I had to sign my pay checks and put the account number on them because I have to mail them to Bank of America.. if you don't know the deal on that they don't have either of our banks here and the company I work for wont do direct deposit so we either were going to have to open a new account (and I didn't want to have 3 bank accounts) or cash them in and have all kinds of cash laying around.. also not what I wanted to do. Anyways so we got home and I went to sit at the table and I smashed my knee off the chair and I instantly cried and screamed "I HATE THIS FUCKING DAY!!!!" haha.. and I stormed into the bathroom, ran the tub and laid in there and sobbed until I ran out of tears! I'm such a bawl ass!!

So Tuesday was my day off and Tammy and I had planned to go to lunch and not much more because I had to pick Jason up from work just after 3pm because we had an appointment at 4pm to get our taxes done! So I woke up to an email from Jason that a pipe foreman had fallen 25 feet the previous night and was on life support, they had basically closed site to all the craft and the guys were all in their trailers while they were investigating. Sadly the gentleman passed away last night. I guess he was that high up and didn't have his harness tied off.. really sad. Also Jason had had the time to get hold of the IRS and things are actually fine and we don't owe anything.. THANK GOD! So I went to lunch with Tammy and Jason ended up getting sent home so I came home.. for really no reason because Jason slept on the couch all afternoon but whatever. So we took the stuff to the accountant and hopefully we will get it back in 2 weeks or so.

Today was ridiculously boring.. I was on my own at work and NOTHING happened all day, no one called, no one came in the whole day was dead!! All I did all afternoon was listen to music and play on the computer.. haha nice life right? But I'm still miserable from the shit that went on Monday! Honestly I'm sick of winter too.. that's really not helping, it snows every god damn day, every morning you wake up to 4 more inches of snow!!

Anyways I just finished working on Mike's resume.. he really wants to get out of this job and move to Texas to be with his brother who is sick so I said I would help him out. I'm going to go for a hot bath and get some sleep tonight hopefully, I didn't sleep great last night and I had a surprise visit from Papa this morning ;) I know you are all thinking.. huh? its a long story.. but I would know that laugh anywhere... Kind of makes me feel better to know that when things aren't good I'm never alone!

Alright I hope you all enjoyed hump day! I promise to blog by the weekend!


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