Friday, March 30, 2012

Evening all...

Thought I would write a quick update! Jason went to the gym and I stayed home to do laundry and clean so I wouldn't have to spend my Sunday doing so. I know I get two days off a week, but having them split up makes it feel like no time at all!! Last Sunday night I felt like my whole day was wasted and I didn't feel rested at all. Jason said I just didn't want to go to the gym, but really I didn't want to go to the gym and then have to come home and do everything.

I haven't slept well in the last couple of nights, my hips are killing me.. no explanation just some times they hurt a lot and the last couple of days that's been the case. Its this awful throbbing pain in my joint and surrounding areas.. not fun!

The last couple of days have been really busy at work and Ive been on my own. Deanna came in for awhile yesterday, long enough for me to clarify what Tom was talking about the day before in regards to me having time off and what not. So they are going to be away from April 11 - 10 and May 10 - 24 I believe and I knew that they expected me to work but where it went screwy was how they thought it would play out when I did. I was told that I would not get time and a half after 40 hours, so I looked it up on the Alaska Labor Laws and it said that it is the LAW that if an employee works over 40 hours a week they are entitled to time and a half, unless they are salary! So turns out I'm salary, which means if I worked my days off I would get straight time.. doesn't really seem worth my wild! But it does mean that if I come in late or leave early for an appointment, or I have to take a sick day they cant dock my pay.. SWEET!

Anyways Tom and Deanna offered to instead of pay me for my 3 days off that I will work they will let me have those three days off when my parents are here.. SO HAPPY! To be honest I'm surprised they were willing to do this and so extremely grateful! So the first week everyone is here I will pretty much have the whole week off!! I told her that I couldn't be more appreciative and spending the time with them meant so much to me and she said that they appreciate how hard I work and that I'm willing to cover for them so they thought this would be a good trade off.. ABSOLUTELY! They really do have their good moments!

Today was super busy yet successful, I rented two units.. one of those being the one that those kids were going to be responsible for if I didn't. I just didn't feel right about taking their money.. actually I didn't feel right about taking Lily's money.. the other two were little fuckers and I knew it from the start, I would have gladly taken his money but it was a package deal! Lily came in early this afternoon and brought in her half of April's rent and I could tell she didn't want to part with the money.. I told her to give me the rest of day.. I was trying so damn hard! I was super excited to call her and tell her that I had rented it out and she could come back and pick up her money! She came in tonight and sat and chatted with me and said that she had decided to go to college and is working two jobs and this has been really stressful on account that the morons she was going to live with said that she should have the pay the whole thing herself, and they weren't paying anything and we could take them to court... how I would have loved that! Anyways in the end I told her I would have never let her do that, his name was on the lease and he was the only one who signed.. he was the one with the problem, not her! Kids these days!!

I assume you have all seen my rant about Mini Eggs on facebook? I feel the need to rant again.. WHY THE HELL DOES CADBURY NOT HAVE MERCHANDISE IN ALASKA! I'm so livid.. I don't even know what to do.. what is Easter without a god damn mini egg? I'm told I have some on the way though and that makes me pretty happy!

Came home to a lovely postcard from Bob & Joyce!! Thanks so much for thinking of us guys!! Great postcard, you should come out here and visit this summer and see those things in the wild!!

We also got our GCI cable/phone/Internet bill.. I don't remember what it was last month but Jason said that my managers discount was only $20.00.. we didn't complain because it was better than nothing but this month the discount is $52.00!! NICE! Plus Jay our rep gave me a bunch of movie tickets, so if we rent a movie on TV I just fill out one of these tickets and send it in and we get the movie for free!! This job has some perks!!

So that's about it, Jason went last night to get his Alaska ID so he can buy a hand gun and when he went to get it they wouldn't give it to him on account that he laminated his Social Security Card and it says right on the card NOT to do that. So he had to get a new Social Security Card sent to the apartment and they gave him a letter saying his card was legit so he got an Alaska ID and I assume sometime in the near future a 357 hand gun will be a new possession of his.

I'm going to have a shower and make my lunch for tomorrow! I have a really busy morning tomorrow so I'm hoping that means the day will fly by like it did today although I haven't gotten a lot of reading time which sucks because I'm loving this book!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! We were getting nice weather here but its definitely cooled down a lot.. Jason likes to keep the apartments heat on 62... needless to say that doesn't go over all that well! So I hope everyone else is warmer!

Haven't seen Bruce in awhile, maybe I'll put an apple out tomorrow and see if he comes around.

Check this out it was in the newspaper yesterday... These Alaskans have no fear!

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