Sunday, April 1, 2012

What a stellar day!

Oh Saturday.. usually I hate to work on Saturday's but today was quite the exception!! Ive had a really successful two days in the apartment renting business.. honestly Ive been rocking the rentals!

I had to go to work early today and it was a damn shame because I was sleeping wonderfully and was so comfortable and warm I REALLY didn't want to get up! I always sleep in a lot later on a Saturday than I do the rest of the week so I really shouldn't complain. Anyways I went to work because I had a walk through at 10:00am so I wanted to get all the rents in, listen to all the phone messages and answer any emails because I went to my walk through at 10! I did that and got them settled and made a list of a few things that needed to be done in their unit and then headed to another unit that someone was moving out of! The unit that Jamie was moving out of was a really nice unit and I actually already rented it to another couple for April 4, but when I went in to do her walk through today I almost died.. she spilled a bottle of DAYQUIL ALL OVER the carpet in the spare room.. SHIT!!! I called Ken our carpet guy right away when I got back to the office and he said that he was doing two of our other units today and would check it out.. well as far as he says its not going to come out! GREAT!

Charlie was suppose to visit me at 11:00am so we could read his "fan mail" but he was late which is really unlike him, at about 11:20am he called and I could tell something was wrong.. he lost his checkbook!! So we were retracing his steps and I said to him that I had an appointment at 1:00pm so he could come now and we could read mail and do checks another time or he could after one if that worked best for him! He came back and said "what would work best would be finding the darn thing! Ive looked everywhere and cant see it, I don't know where it is! I will be down as soon as I put my boots on" and he hung up! haha! The next thing I know here comes Charlie stomping down the street, arms swinging, talking away.. he told me he was having a conversation with the lord and telling him how unimpressed he is with today's test of patience! So we went through mail and talked about the check book and I assured him that although its all a big pain its not the worst thing in the world and I'm sure he would get it taken care or and I would be wishing him good things and to please let me know! As he left he said "I'm looking forward to spring now, cant wait for the green on the trees" haha if you don't remember, Charlie is blind and always had been!

Did I blog the other night about my encounter with the lady who lives at creekside and is deaf? She came in the other day freaking out and when I realized she was deaf I signed to her and she finally calmed down and we got all her issues straightened out.. I was pretty impressed with myself at how much I actually remembered and felt pretty good about the fact that she seemed so relieved that someone could understand her and fix her problem.. I cant imagine how frustrating it could be to want so badly to say something and no one understands.

Anyways Charlie ended up staying until almost one so then this couple with two girls came at 1:00pm and I showed them two units and gave them more information and chatted for awhile. By the time they left it was almost 2:30pm and I was starving and wanted to have lunch!! So I pulled out my fruit bowl and in came another guy!! Once he left I finished my fruit bowl and got some more emails answered and returned some calls and then in came Ken. Ken and I chatted for some time and then he left as Mark came in.

In between all this I was super pissed off at Mike.. one hes being a bit of a creep show lately! Don't get me wrong Mike is a super nice guy, hes just kind of.. sneaky I think.. definitely sneaky! Well today all he really had to do was to the little bit of work in the unit the people moved into this morning and check out the unit the girl moved out of... really nothing! Well I couldn't find him most of the day, he never did the work in the unit the people moved into today even though I stressed to him I wanted it done today and then when I came back from showing Mark a unit Mike was standing outside my office and said he was leaving.. Ummm excuse me? You are leaving work an hour early why? Have you done what you were suppose to do? NO! He knew I couldn't say anything because I had someone with me, a prospective resident.. bastard! Then I called him tonight because he is on call and he wouldn't answer.. I'm pissed!

So Mark has decided to rent a really nice unit we've had on the market a long time! It is expensive but has a BEAUTIFUL view of the Chugach mountains and the Campbell creek! Taku lake it right behind him and all kinds of trees, its super private! He is super excited about it and I am too because renting that unit has seemed almost impossible and I really like Mark. Mark is out here from Florida and working on one of the Pipelines.. he is working for Environmental Research Management contracted out to Exxon Mobile. He was telling me a little bit about what he does and asked was I possibly looking to leave my job? I kind of laughed.. not really a question I get often. He said that he would love for me to work for his company in the outreach department, I would be responsible for dealing with the communities that would be affected by the pipeline, contacting the tribal leaders, etc as most of these communities are small native villages. I think it would be a job that I would absolutely love and it probably wont go anywhere but he told me to give it some thought and he would talk to me about it a little more when he came back to pay his deposit! I thought it was nice that he spent all of a half hour with me and wanted to offer me a job, haha although he told me not to sell myself short I was pretty good at this apartment thing too!

So Jason picked me up and we came home and I got changed and we headed to the Sourdough Mining Company which is a super old restaurant in Anchorage! It was pretty expensive but really good food, fresh hot sourdough rolls when you go in and after your meal a make your own sundae bar.. Jason was all about it! After dinner we toured around the Wildberry Souvenir shop because Jason has never been! We decided we weren't ready to go home so we went to the Sportsman Warehouse because its like our second home and we spoke with 5 different guys at the gun counter and you will be happy to know Jason has narrowed his gun search to a Ruger 357 he just cant decide between a 3 inch barrel of a 4.. I will keep you posted! I however am leaning towards a 38 special, its a little "defense" gun that would fit nicely in my purse and I could use it at the range.. I couldn't shoot anything but a fox I'm sure without just pissing it off.. but I'm told it would do a number on a rapist! For now I have pepper spray though!

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, Jason mentioned going downtown and doing a few things so we will see what happens! I'm hoping not to get any emergency calls tomorrow, or tonight for that matter.. roofs are leaking left right and center it seems.. I knew the melting of all this snow would be a pain in the ass!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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