Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anchorage at its Best..

Today's news in Anchorage.... Light snow.. many accidents..bull moose causing problems on Arctic Blvd! I bet none of you can say that your news is that exciting!

Alright so I'm catching a little slack for not posting yesterday about the job interview, but I had some thinking to do and on top of that I found a dresser on Craigslist and when Jason got home from work we went to pick it up! So the interview was good, its literally less than a 5 minute walk across the street and the job would be good and pays really well. Unfortunately the hours would be 10am - 6pm which is fine because we all know I'm not a morning person but right now Jason is only working until 3:30pm (although on that note he could make me dinner.. haha!!) but I would work Monday - Wednesday, Thursday off and then work Saturday and be on call Sunday.. and it would be like that every week! I'm not against working all the time, in fact thinking that Jason would be working all the time soon I thought it would actually be a great thing.. but when I told Jason about the hours he said that they are putting a limit on over time on this job so he wont be working all the time like usual.. still he should work most Saturdays.. so whatever! The guy who interviewed me was super nice and said that my only downfall was that I didn't have the experience but at the same time he said that someone who does have the experience may not have a good personality. So I was his first interview and he said he would let me know either way at the beginning of the week! So I'm hopeful but at the same time wouldn't be totally heart broken if I didn't get it on account that I really haven't looked at all because we've just gotten settled. So that's the scoop on that, I will keep you all posted!!

Jason has the weekend off which is great, we got a dresser yesterday so we officially have all the furniture we need! We went to Target tonight and got bed side table lamps (Jason wanted them for reading at night?? I think he will soon be tackling his new Patriots book Bubba & Jen got him for Christmas) Anyways while at Target we were browsing around looking for weather stripping for the door because the front door of the apartment has a wicked draft and Jason tried to fix it but said the weather stripping would be the best way to go. So while searching around Target I came across their duct tape section.. which I have talked about before.. but honestly.. it kills me every time! Look at this.. and its only a small portion of what they have...

I told Jason one day he is going to come home from work and we are going to have a zebra print coffee table, haha he gave me a pretty interesting warning look.. haha!

So as I sit here and blog Jason, god love him is fixing my bath tub!! Every god damn time I want to go for a bath the hot water doesn't work and it pisses me off.. I need to be able to go for a hot bath without the hassle of having to boil pots of water.. fuck that! So I noticed that the nozzle doesn't turn all the way, not because I couldn't do it.. it just wouldn't! So Jason had to take the whole thing apart and FIXED IT! I am so lucky he knows how to do things, I wouldn't have the patience to have to call someone every damn time something needed to be fixed. However as you have all seen, I'm pretty handy at heart myself.. *cough cough* the bed frame!

Not much planned for this weekend, tomorrow we might go check out the mall and best buy! Jason is dead set and determined on getting a bedroom TV, we would like to get a wireless router for the Internet because they dint offer wireless Internet here either (not I'm not kidding, its bullshit.. especially for how much Internet cost!) Besides that we got a SUPER warm and comfy new couch blanket so we might try out the fire place and watch a movie.. its suppose to be super cold tomorrow. Sunday is Pro bowl and Jason is going to make Chili for dinner which is great!

Monday we are starting to diet.. ugh! I'm not really upset about it.. Ive become a porker in all our traveling and not going to the gym, everyday I feel fat and I'm pestering Jason about it. So we are going to start dieting on Monday and start looking for a detox. One of the guys Jason works with, his wife works for some company that has something to do with fishing and they can get us an abundance of halibut for a really great price.. I think 10lbs or something so that's great because a detox all you can really eat is salad, brown rice and fish!

Oh before I forget.. My WONDERFUL friend Paula is making me an AWESOME crocheted scarf! I'm so excited, she too blogs and posted pictures of a scarf she made for a girl she works with and it was beautiful!! I really wish I was crafty like that, I have always wanted to learn to knit or crochet but I know that I couldn't teach myself from a book. Oh well, I have a great friend who is going to make me one anyways!!

Alright I'm off to curl up on the couch with my new couch blanket and watch Diners, Drive-ins and Drives.

Hope everyone had a great week and a stellar weekend!

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