Thursday, January 19, 2012


The gods are conspiring against me.. I just know it.. not this many things go wrong in one day for one person without it having to do with some kind of karma bullshit!
So I wake up this morning to my cell phone NOT WORKING, I didnt realize it at first but then I remembered that Jason's phone isnt working at all and I tried to send Mom a BBM and it wouldnt go through.. fuck! So whatever I get up and start the coffee, waiting to hear from this woman about the job, praying I already have an email.. hotmail still isnt working on the god damn laptop.. this is a joke! I call Jason and flip about the phone and the laptop! I take the battery out of my BB and ignore it for awhile in my fit of rage.. put the battery back in, turn on wifi and it works! I finally get an email about from said woman about job and she says that shes passed on my resumes to a "higher power" and thats it.. great.. thanks! So I go into the fridge to get milk and notice that the bag of lettuce (for tonights dinner, FROZEN).. there goes tonights dinner.. is this really happening!!! I cry.
I decide to ignore everything and go for a hot bath, a hot bath is a cure all.. There is no hot water in the hotel... Im losing the little patience I ever had! So I run some water and start boiling a pot on the stove, I need a hot bath, period. As I reach for the pot I need to boil the water I slice my arm on the cupboard.. I cry again.
I finally get in the tub which is basically full of luke warm water but Im sick of screwing with it and I just want it to be done and over with! So I grab my favourite pair of joggers.. I cant go wrong with this.. and they literally are falling apart.. I cry again! These are my favourite pair of pants ever, Although they are no longer their original colour (black) because of years of wearing and washing.. I dont care, I love them just the same! Besides its not like I can afford to part with any sort of warm clothes at this point, nor can I replace them because they are from ROOTS! This day is bullshit!
So Jason went to look at one of the apartments from yesterday, its a 2 minute drive from his work and he wanted to look at the furniture in the actual furnished unit so he went over there and we think we might take the unfurnished unit and should hopefully sign the lease tomorrow! I feel better that its one less thing we have to worry about, although it still doesnt compensate for this bullshit day!
Side note - the maid just came in to vaccuum and was followed but who I can only assume is the head maid (this little spanish chick that calls me "mami" everytime she sees me") and they started screaming at each other.. LOL! WTF!
If I dont blog tomorrow, check the Anchorage newspaper!

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