Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moving Day!

You know moving day never gets easier.. one would htink that at this point in time we would be pros at this moving all over thing.. truth be told we might be just that, but it doesnt mean we have to like it!

Jason actually got out of bed this morning which was the first shock of the day, he not only got out of bed, he took all the stuff he said he was going to take to the apartment before work.. way more than I had expected out of him due to his state last night! So I got up after him and got a few things done and had some coffee when the phone rang.. it was Jason who was on his way to get the truck and take the rental car back to the airport. He stopped to put gas in the rental car and realized that he had at some point last night lost his debit card.. AWESOME! He was freaking out.. so I called both the bars that he was at last night.. closed! What a mess! So I continue getting ready all the while cursing Jason in my head for being irresponsible, but I said nothing knowing that he was for sure way more upset about it then I was. So he came and got me, it was so nice to have the truck back! Nothing was missing which was even better!

We drive over to the apartment Jason was sick about the whole debit card situation, didnt want to unload the truck, just wanted to go back to work and check the account online to make sure that no one had charged on the card. At this point I had gotten ahold of the first bar and they didnt not have the card. As soon as we arrived at the apartment Jason ran upstairs and ripped apart his suitcase looking for it.. no dice! So we unloaded the whole truck.. I thought I was going to fucking die!!! Im not a smoker and would like to think that I am in relatively good shape but 3 flights of stairs carrying heavy things numerous times in the freezing cold.. my lungs were burning, my nose was running.. my whole body hurt.. fucking Alaska! When we were finally done you couldnt get in the door of the apartment but the truck was empty and Jason was on his way back to work!

I took my jacket off, looked at the mess in front of me and dove right in! Not long in Jason called and asked me to call the second bar he went to again because although he had no recollection of using his debit card there the online account said otherwise.. So I called and BINGO they had it! Thank god!! Jason felt a lot better! So I started unpacking.. besides a few wet and frozen boxes, a frozen toaster (haha ya thats a new one isnt it) everything was fine! I got pretty much everything done by the time Jason got home, when he came in the guy was here setting up the cable, internet and phone! So Jason left to go and pick up his card and go get the bed! When he got back I was talking to mom on the phone and the lunatic brought the frame, mattress and box spring up by himself! UGH!  Anyways Jason wasnt in the door 10 minutes and Kevin called and said that he was ready to go and pick up the couch! Sooo.... get ready for it!!!!

While Jason was gone I not onyly put the bed frame together all by myself but I took the mattress and box spring out of the packages and assembled the whole damn bed all by myself!! ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was so damn proud of myself, I have never successfully put anything together in my life! I once had a really awful failed attempt with a dresser and it turned me off for life! AMAZING! It looks great, so through dinner all Jason, Kevin and I talked about was building stuff! Or me building stuff rather! When Kevin was refusing to take left over pizza home for lunch tomorrow I threatened to build something and hit him with it.. haha needless to say he took the pizza home!

So the couch and love seat are here, the tv is up on the assembled tv stand. The dining room table is together, bed is ready (thanks to me!) everything is put away besides the clothes that we need to get hangers for.. I feel pretty good! Tomorrow we will go and get bed side tables and hopefully a dresser, and move all the empty totes down to the storage unit and I think we should be good to go. Hopefully Jason will put the coffee table together and I think we will be all set.

Im hoping tomorrow is mostly a couch day, this cold really hurts me.. my hips and knees hurt all the time, my hips mostly.. these last couple of day it hurts to just walk. We have a wood burning fire place in our apartment and we can use it but I dont think Jason will ever go for it, he said its dirty and although I may be able to build a bed I dont cut wood.. not happening!

So thats our scoop.. I have part of our address, I will have to look up the zip code sometime and get back to you all. Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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