Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apartment Hunt.. Day 1...

Oh what a day, what a mighty fine day! Still bullshit cold but none the less it was a good day! Because of this damn 4 hour time difference I am still all screwed up and have been going to bed before 10pm and getting up before 6am which I suppose is enough sleep for one but it feels like odd hours to me! In North Carolina we never went to bed before 2am! Anyways Im rambling.. Jason got off early today so we could go look at apartments! First place we saw a bunch of the other guys from work live there so we figured we would try it out! The lady was nice and ever so randomly she asked for my resume when I said that I was looking for work because she is looking for an office manager! HOW PERFECT! We could live and I could work in the same place!! We would save on rent majorly and wouldnt have to worry about sharing a vehicle and all that jazz.. SUPER! So after that looking at apartments sucked because I just wanted to come back and email her my resume! Anyways the apartment we looked at after was farther from Jason's work but totally remodelled, super view of the mountains.. blah blah blah. I want the damn job.. Third one.. no dice! Im not living in a shit hole that smells like mold and was dirty! The girls shows us the laundry room and I felt like I should be dropping peanut shells on the floor to go along with the rest of the mess.. WTF! The last place we went happened to be the first person I had talked to and made an appointment to view. I didnt like the look of the outside but whatever we were already there. We went in the buddy had an attitude I didnt like from the beginning, totally rubbed me the wrong way so we left without seeing the place.. dick!
So on our way home, we are in the middle of the city waiting to turn left at a light and Jason starts freaking out and pointing.. all the sudden I see this MASSIVE moose standing on the sidewalk eating the tree!! I couldnt even believe it.. literally right in the middle of the city on the side walk!! Jason thought it was the best thing ever, pulled over, took pictures.. talked about it the whole way home!! Too funny!!
Anyways we are waiting on basically that lady to get back to me about the job, if she got back to me tomorrow we would take that apartment, if not I dont know! I would hate to take the other apartment because its cheaper and then get the job and be screwed! I dont know.. Jason talked to a guy a work today that we know and apparently his wife has had 4 jobs already!
Im going to try and post pictures soon, Jason wants to save them on a cd so Im trying to just wait until we get one because unlike dad I cant stand 5000 pictures on the computer, its such a pain in the ass when it comes to up loading them!
So wish me luck with the job, something good has to come of all this.. with the cold, bullshit moving across the country and shit being so expensive! If a job and apartment came tomorrow I would be stellar!

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