Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bed Assembly!

Frame assemebled!!! ALL BY MYSELF!

Getting the mattress and box spring out of their bags was a bitch but the bed ACTUALLY FIT on the frame that I BUILT!!

TA DA!!! FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!!! Boy was Jason surprised when he got home!!! I think he went to bed with a little hesitation! Wondering would the bed collapse when we got into it! Haha no dice though, lasted the whole night!!


  1. Well done Nicole. Make sure to post pictures of the apartment when its all done up. :)

  2. Will do! Im hoping by tonight we have everything together and ready and then I will take a bunch of pictures and post! Im still working on posting pictures from our road trip.. I think I might make a snapfish album and then post the link on here if I can do that!