Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ive got a job interview for that job at the apartment I previously mentioned TOMORROW!! I'm not going to lie when that woman sent me the email saying that she had sent my resume to the "higher power" I had pretty much forgotten about the whole thing really. Then with moving and unpacking and trying to get all the things that we needed to be completely settled I just never even thought about it! So today the guy came and set up our house phone and and I was talking to Barb this afternoon and my cell rang and low and behold it was the guy calling and asking me to come for an interview tomorrow!! So I am meeting with him tomorrow at 1pm and I'm super excited!! It would be the PERFECT job for me, its literally right across the street, and with Jason only working right down the street we would save so much on gas which is CRAZY expensive here! Plus because the position is working for the company that owns the apartment that we live in we would get a discount on rent.. WOOHOO!! I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up just in case but I think it would be so perfect!

So that's pretty much is here, we got the rest of the furniture put together last night while watching the movie "Taken" with Liam Niessan.. if you haven't seen it you really should! This morning the guy came and set up our phone which was great because it was the last thing on our list, now all we need is a dresser and we're done! Jason said that no matter what we will be getting one this weekend no matter what.. and let me tell you its not because some of his clothes are still sitting in a suitcase and its bothering him, its because he is desperate for a bedroom TV and without a dresser he has nothing to put it on.. haha!

On another note we went grocery shopping tonight and for really what would usually cost us $100 or maybe $115 at most was $162... I almost died!!! After standing in line for like an hour because the woman at the cash was slow as shit when we got up there we just wanted to get out of there and when we saw the total we both stared at each other.. unbelievably expensive here!! The grocery store was interesting all in itself though, it was like its own personal walmart, Fred Myers! They even sell hand guns.. kills me..

Anyways its snowing here.. I don't know where they are going to put the stuff if it continues.. its suppose to snow tomorrow to.. so I will attend my interview if I'm not snowed in.. HAHA!

OK wish me luck! :)

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