Sunday, January 22, 2012


Honestly Im going to start thinking "MOOSE" is my name! It seems like Jason is yelling it every 5 minutes! We saw another moose the other night sauntering down the sidewalk in front of our new apartment! I swear they are everywhere.. Im not sure how I feel about it just yet! On top of that though we saw a MASSIVE beautiful bald eagle! Ive seen quite a few in Maine and Pennsylvania but this one was massive and amazing!

So we move into our apartment tomorrow, we bought a new bed the other night at the "Mattress Ranch" for a good price, a used bed was the one thing I really wasnt willing to do to be honest. We got a couch on craigslist, we went and looked at it the other night, its the couch and the love seat for a decent price.. our apartment is kind of odd shaped so Im not exactly sure how we are going to put it in there but if not hey we have a whole spare bedroom to fill! We also got a dining room table, Jason was dealing with some guy on craiglist and when he finally said that yes we should come and get it we looked up the place on google earth and it was THE GHETTO! So I wasnt crazy about going there, I mean is a few bucks really worth your life??? But Jason being as cheap as he is insisted! So I text mom all the house information that we are going to (because she is our "in case of emergency person") and tell her the guys name and if she doesnt hear from me in a half hour to call the police! So we get there and before I can get out because I am not letting Jason go in alone he leaves the car running, jumps out and yells "LOCK THE DOORS" and shuts the door and leaves me sitting in the car.. I was soooo pissed! Thankfully the guy was fine Jason said and we got a really nice dining room table for only $40!

Today as you all know was Football Sunday! So we went over to Humpy's (Ya I know, who the fuck named that place? honestly!) and got breakfast for the 11am Patriots game. It sucks that the games start so early here and that we dont get them on TV, but naturally they often place west coast games here unless you have Direct TV! So we went over and I had some toast and Jason got a mega breakfast with a side of reindeer sausage.. GROSS! We started with drinks before noon so naturally it being 8pm now Jason is BEYOND shitfaced!! When the Patriots won against the Ravens Jason jumped up SCREAMING and yelling, banging on the table spilling everyones beer EVERYWHERE, he was hugging some random guy at the table behind us.. honestly I have never seen him act like that ever in my life.. I knew it was time for him to eat again. We before he would agree to eat he had to buy our table a round of shots.. then he had wings that he said were way too hot. The drinking continued throughout and when one of our last tabs came he was at 15 beers, 2 vodka crans and 2 jaegger bombs! At this point he is really annoying me, he has repeated himself 50 million times and no one else is noticing because they are all just as drunk as him! So the NY Giants take the NFC Championship and Jason yells as loud as he can "PATRIOTS AND THE 49ERS IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!" Umm.. no? Apparently he didnt notice that it was the NY Giants who had kicked the field goal... so JT decides to buy shots.. well this turned out to be hilarious! I drink my Jaegger (I really dont know if Im spelling that right) like a champ, Jason is gagging.. literally trying to get his down.. and I look over at JT and he is literally going to throw up on the table! I was like.. OK TIME TO GO!

So we just walked back to the apartment, because JT left about 5 minutes before us and when we left we found him outside.. so we walked back over to the hotel actually and I said that I would call him a cab.. well I guess while him and Jason were trying to make it up the stairs behind me they talked about it and decided that maybe, just maybe after using the washroom they would go to another bar down the street.. I told Jason pretty clearly that I didnt think he needed another beer as he really hasnt drank this much and a long time and has to not only go to work in the morning but he was suppose to get up extra early, take some of our bags over to the new apartment, then go with Kris his boss to get the truck, return the rental car and then pick me up and take me to the new apartment, unload the truck, go back to work and then after work pick up the couch and the new bed.. HAHA bet he is going to LOVE tomorrow!! I foresee Jason being QUITE hung over.. to say the least! But I tried to warn him, I have said to him many times today without being a nagging bitch wife that he needed to have some water, pace himself a little better or maybe just stop drinking all together, he is however an adult and can make his own decisions.. good luck tomorrow sucker! HAHA!

I will keep you all posted on the new apartment, address and phone number as we get things in order! I will also let you know if Jason makes it back from the bar tonight and to work tomorrow.. somehow Im doubtful about tomorrow but we'll see! If I have to go and get him at the bar tonight he might not survive the night!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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  1. LOL. Oh Nicole I love reading your blog. How long are you guys in Alaska for? Make sure to post some pictures up of the new apartment on your blog.