Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday Christmas Baking

Good Morning,

Don't get too excited, I haven't gotten into Christmas cookie baking like I usually do this is strictly some cupcake baking for the guys from Jason's work!

Every year when we are on a job I try really hard to make something for the guys Jason works with, its not every year that everyone will get to go home and be with their families and I can imagine if that's the case it can make it really hard to get in the Christmas spirit, so I try to do a little baking although its not much to at least push them in the holiday direction!

I have done these cupcakes before, I do cookies closer to Christmas generally but every year is different depending on my work situation, if we are staying for Christmas or traveling as well.. you know how it goes! Anyways Jason specifically requested these cupcakes this year and with friends coming to visit this month for the Patriots games and few weekends left until Christmas arrives (crazy!) I thought I would make the cupcakes Monday. Turns out Jason ended up working Sunday too and I had nothing on the agenda so I got to work!

I was really thankful that we brought our mixer back from the house because this would have been a much longer, more frustrating day trying to get this done with my shoulder still being a mess. 

I just used the box cake mix because I just wasn't feeling making it all from scratch.. I'm sorry I'm lazy! Either way I was anxious because I haven't baked anything like this in this oven before and every oven is completely different. When the first batch was done I was confident I wouldn't have any problems!

Once the cupcakes came out of the oven I put them on the dining room table to cool because as you all know you cannot frost warm cupcakes. I will tell y'all if you are thinking about baking anything with a mix of sorts than check your local supermarket because everything is on sale!

I went with classic butter cream frosting, it is America's favorite after all.. and Jason's! 

I feel the key to these cupcakes are the decoration of peppermint M&M's! I put a red, white and green one on each! If I was eating them I would pick them off and eat them first but to each their own!!

I like to use a little colored icing to give the cupcakes a little something extra, generally I would just color some of the icing I already bought but these were on sale when I got my baking stuff so I figured why not! I will say I didn't like the taste of this icing as much but I am really glad I got it because I ended up running out of icing and had nothing for the two last lonely cupcakes. 

I probably made too many.. Probably. 

I am super happy with how they turned out.. there is a million of them and I had a really hard time finding something to put them all in for Jason to get them to work! 

I saved a few for home as well because I know Jason will be looking for one come Wednesday.. although I highly doubt there will be any left. 

Bad picture but there are actually more here than it appears! I had to laugh! 

I really enjoy Christmas baking, my cousin and I use to do it all the time when I lived at home but for now I do it on my own. Last year we were at home and I baked home made short bread cookies and although not Christmas cookies these amazing chocolate chip cookies because they are such a fan favorite! The mailman at home has been wonderful to us every since I made him a huge plate! HA! 

I do plan to bake a little more, we have friends coming for a visit and Jason has a thing for gingerbread men although I absolutely hate them.. I suppose that ensures that I wont eat them though!

Its funny how holiday baking is just another way to put yourself and hopefully those who enjoy the finished product in the Christmas spirit! 

Let me know what you are baking for Christmas and if you would be interested in some of my favorite Christmas baking recipes!!

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