Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas in NYC - Daytime Addition

Hi guys!!

What my day was going to look like today kind of got turned around so today's post is going to be a little different as well, my apologies.

Yesterday Tanya and I spent the day in the city wandering around just checking out the beautiful store front displays, and the magic of Christmas in New York! It definitely looks different during the day, but somehow no less magical. We visited a few holiday markets around the city, drank the beloved and so missed Eggnog lattes that Starbucks finally brought back! We had a really great day, the weather was absolutely beautiful for most of the day and although I had intended to write more I am going to photo dump with minimal explanation.. not that it needs it!

Do you believe it is one week today until Christmas? I seriously cant.. where did this month go?

So here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy and get a little taste of what Christmas is like in NYC, because its absolutely magical. We plan to spend a night in the city this weekend and I will try to take as many pictures in the dark so you can see it from that prospective as well!


Inside and outside of Macy's is absolutely amazing!

This is one of the store front windows.. there are hundreds but I only took a few. Tanya will be posting as similar blog as well and when she does I will link over to that so you can check out her pictures as well. 

Its amazing how creative people get!

Thank you Tanya for this picture! I think this is my favorite display in the city, its just incredible!

New York Library! Probably my favorite place in the whole city!

The tree inside the library. Don't you just want this in your house?

Oh the churches in this city.. the architecture is absolutely amazing! 

Rockefeller Center! 

Tiffany displays their diamonds inside and out! This was one of the most impressive displays!

The plaza hotel! I will forever relate this to Home Alone 2, Lost in New York!

This was one of the booths at the Columbus Circle Market, you can also find them in the Union Square Market as well as Bryant Park! These are all line maps, you can view their products HERE as well. 

HELLO! La Sonrisa Empanadas! I swear guys.. these things are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

Radio City Music Hall

Bryant Park Market.

The decorated tree at Bryant Park! The trees around the city are amazing, of course nothing tops Rockefeller Center whose tree is meticulously picked and groomed in preparation. 

This amazing snow globe like decoration in Macy's! 

I took a TON of pictures, I selected what seems like more than a few to share with you all today! Again it is our intention to spend the day in the city on Saturday and hopefully I will manage to get pictures Saturday night of the tree at Rockfeller Center, etc! If you are interested in seeing more pictures from yesterday please let me know and as I mentioned I will link y'all to Tanya's blog once she has posted it. 

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! As always thanks for reading along! I am off to work on my blog for tomorrow as well as avoid cleaning the apartment. 

Brianne and Evan arrive tomorrow and we are absolutely thrilled to see them and show them around New York!!! 

Have a great evening!

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  1. Such a fun day! Thank you for your contributions to the pictures!!!