Friday, December 12, 2014

Computer Malfunction!

I know, I know this whole "my computer is a joke" is getting old but I kid you not it is screwed up and sadly Jason was in no shape last night to try and fix it! Hopefully this weekend I'll get it sorted out and be back next week!!

My apologies for missing High Five for Friday!! But I hate trying to post from my phone (which I'm doing now) and posting pictures this way is just not an option! 

But... So I don't totally miss out on this week I will quickly highlight my top five things of the week!

1. Sunday holiday baking! Last Sunday I baked a ton of cupcakes for Jason to take to work! I made them Christmas themed and although it took a long day I'm loving all things Christmas themed right now! Less than two weeks now!

2. Tanya and I went into the city Monday to do a little shopping and visit the Union Square Market and it was a cold but fantastic day!

3. Tuesday there was horrific weather here and it was nice to just stay cozy and get some things done around the apartment, last minute wrapping with Christmas movies, coffee and candles! This time of year can be stressful for people, take some time to recoup!

4. Wednesday night was Jason's Christmas party for work and we went and had a good time! Sadly that was basically the exact time it decided to snow for the first time here and we were all dressed up. By the time we got to the subway my hair and makeup was ruined but it sure looked pretty! We had a great time!

5. I'm looking forward to the warm up this weekend, this week has been freezing and I honestly hate that! I don't do the cold and it's been really making it hard to want to go outside!

So that's it guys, please visit my last weeks High Five for Friday post to see who I'm linking up with and visit their blog!!

Also before I go I just want to wish Josh and Tanya a Happy second wedding Anniversary today!!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!

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