Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Beginning of Christmas & The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

Hi Guys,

I decided that while our night last night was still fresh in my mind that I would post about it now! I did consider saving it for something a little more exciting in a week or so but whatever.. it put me in the Christmas spirit and maybe it will do the same for you if you aren't already there.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Tanya and her parents at the mall to tour around for awhile! I absolutely love Tanya's Mom and I haven't see her in a really long time so I was really excited to get to spend some time with her before she left this morning to head back home. I came home after that and started getting ready for our night out.

When Jason and I lived in New York four years ago we went to Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and absolutely LOVED IT! We always said that if we were back in New York around this time of year we would definitely go back. We started looking into tickets awhile ago and were amazed at how the prices changed depending on the day, we ended up booking tickets for last night and decided that we would spend a night in the city for our anniversary, just two days early!

When Jason got home from work we headed into the city and decided to have dinner at Beer Authority, we had been considering Beer Authority for New Years Eve and thought we might as well check it out before we booked tickets and then relay our findings to the group we are planning to go out with. The bar is three floors and really nice, it was decorated beautifully for Christmas, the food was fantastic and the service was great. We chatted with the waiter about New Years and he made it sound fantastic. The bar is not far off from Time Square, close to subway systems and the VIP ticket packages were very reasonably priced!

We sat on the second floor of the restaurant and it was really nice, the set up will be different for New Years obviously but we had no complaints. 

Crappy iPhone picture but I had to share. The city was absolutely ridiculous with people last night and it was raining and miserable, but the view of the city was nice. 

After wandering around for awhile and having dinner we needed to head to Radio City Music Hall to get in line. Sadly it was raining last night which totally sucked but the city really a beautiful place at this time of year! Getting to Radio City Music Hall was easy and there really was no line up because we already had tickets. We actually got tickets on a night that they were handing out free Christmas Spectacular Santa hats which was really great!! 

The show was amazing, just like I remember it being. Jason says it was the exact same show as we saw before not that he was complaining but my memory is such crap most of it was new to me which was nice! We so enjoyed the show, it was absolutely amazing and totally threw us into the Christmas spirit. 

If you are interested in the show and will be in New York sometime this month click HERE for ticket information!!

I did take a few pictures of the show, I only had my phone and you are not allowed to use flash photography so excuse the quality but I wanted to share them with you anyways. 

The actual theater is absolutely amazing!!

The orchestra! 

I see Santa....

They had these snowflake balls in the air, I believe they flew around the audience via drones!

On the way home the trains were all messed up, I don't know why I was surprised so we ended up walking back from Hoboken. Generally that walk is totally fine but it was raining and my jacket wasn't winter or water proof and my feet we were wet from the rain, what a disaster. None the less though we got to walk through the Newport Square where they had done the tree lighting earlier, it was pretty amazing! 

Give me a break on the quality of the pictures, it was raining quite a bit at this point so I was trying to be quick!

Oh how everything is really starting to look like Christmas!!

We really had a fantastic night, its hard to believe we've been married for four years!! Our actual anniversary will probably be quite quiet, I foresee hot chocolate and Christmas movies on the couch.. we're cool like that. 

Tonight we were headed to finally do some much needed grocery shopping because we haven't since we've been back and our fridge is looking quite pathetic! I just want to get it over with as I absolutely hate grocery shopping but I am hoping to convince Jason to go to Target to get what we need and we all know how much I love that place! 

So that's it! We are officially in the Christmas spirit around here, we have taken part in Christmas activities, seen tons of Christmas lights and our tree is up! I plan to do some Christmas baking in the near future as well which I am looking forward to! 

I hope you are all having a great week!! Tell me what you do to get in the Christmas spirit or what has done it for ya this year!!

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