Monday, December 15, 2014

December Birch Box

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, as you can tell I am back up and running with my laptop! I swear this thing gives us nothing but trouble but we are really trying to get as much use out of it as we can because apparently although the prices haven't changed a ton laptops just don't have a very long life anymore. It honestly works out well for me because Jason refuses to jump on the Apple bandwagon and therefore is morbidly against getting a Mac.. I will not get anything but after this.. so I still have some time to work on him I guess.

Anyways I got my December Birch Box last week and let me tell you how much I love that day of the month! I couldn't wait to share what I got with ya'll although I haven't tried anything yet. I try to come back every once in awhile and review some of the products I have received. Stay tuned this week for one of those posts!

Shall we?

The fact that I cannot rotate photos and what not is enough to make me want to transfer to word press lately. Get it together blogger, get it together! 

As you can see this months actual box was really festive, I assume going for a snow like theme and I quite like it!

(this is just a bad picture.. sorry.)

Jelly Soft Curl Cream, run through damp hair to bust frizz and accentuate curls! Retails for $14.00, this months Birch Box Bonus! I will say the fact that you will not use all of this product in one use makes me dislike the way its package because if you open it then what do you do with the remaining until you want to use it again? I have never used any of these products but by the sounds of it I think it may just be perfect for my hair! 

Mirenesse: Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney: Velvety color with a modern matte finish. No need for lip liner, this stuff stays put! Retails in full size for $29.00. 
This is something I am super excited to try, I have really been digging the red lip but I find red lips can (depending on the product) fade quickly and I will often forget to reapply. The reviews for this product are fantastic and with the holiday season in full force I hope to get good use out of it. 

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: Weightless spray in the brands signature obliphica scent that refreshes hair sans residue. Retails in full size for $21.00. 
As you know I absolutely LOVE the Amika products, I reviewed their Bombshell Blowout Spray HERE and am always hoping to receive more of their products in each months box. I am always trying out different dry shampoos and looking for one that works perfectly for me hair, I have high hopes this one will be it. $21.00 is a little pricey for dry shampoo but I don't feel that I use it in access so if it was absolutely amazing I think I would totally stick with it.  

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream: This all over hydrator heals and softens everything from rough heels to chapped lips. Apply a think layer to dry skin, and massage in until cream disappears. 
I have never heard of this brand but at this time of year a good hydrating cream is an absolutely must! I go through a lot of lotion in hopes of avoiding dry itchy skin from the harsh winter weather and am looking forward to giving this stuff a try!

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm: The Korean brands tinted cream brightens, blocks UV rays and calms blemish-prone skin. Smooth a think layer onto face and blend. Layer as needed. 
I wont lie I am super anxious about trying new products as my skin is super sensitive and I am always anxious that something will irritate my skin. I have recently started using a BB Cream by Maybelline and I have mixed feelings. I really like that its a tinted moisturizer because its by no means full coverage but evens out my skin tone while moisturizing. However I find as the day goes on it cakes up a little.. anyways this is not a review of that. I will definitely give this a try. 

(Again with the pictures. -insert angry face-)

SeaRX - Anti Wrinkle Facial Lift Treatment Serum. With Dead Sea minerals and potent hydrators, this formula fights wrinkles and fine lines. Smooth a think layer onto skin, wear alone or follow with moisturizer. 
I'm not going to lie I don't know if I will try this or not, I know that everyone is all into this Dead Sea stuff but I think its a little strange and again with sensitive skin the idea of trying new products makes me extremely anxious. If I don't choose to use this I will give it to Tanya and let you all know what she thinks. 

So that is what I got this month in my Birch Box and I am excited to try all the new products and report back! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, again my apologies for basically missing last weeks High Five for Friday! 

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