Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Perfect Makeup Bag

Happy Victoria Day long weekend to all you Canadians out there! I have to say that I am a little jealous and wish that I was doing some of the fun things I see you all posting on Instagram.. backyard camp fires, beers (well I am doing that), boating, etc! Summer is around the corner!!

To be honest in the last two days you wouldn't know that we have seen a week of 90 degree weather already as the temperature has really dropped. The lows are quite low and the mornings are quite chilly. Tomorrow we are looking at a high of 69... I think that's crap. I was really hoping for the nicest of nice days and by that I mean HOT for our last couple of days here because somehow I doubt the weather in New Jersey is going to be as nice as it has been here. With that said the Uhaul is in the driveway.. GAG! The only reason I am holding it together and not barricading myself in my closet refusing to leave is because I have decided that if I hate it I'm coming home.. nice little perk of having a house!

We will be coming home as much as we possibly can which I look forward to it, I would drive that super long way for just a couple of hours here without question. We aren't going to be THAT far and hopefully with Jason's schedule we will be able to get home everyone other month! We will see how that goes but that is what I am hoping for at the moment!

So back to the point of this point. I know a lot of you won't care or get this but when I was reading through my little blog notebook this morning where I write down post ideas when they come to me I saw a note in there from a long time ago talking about the perfect make up bag and I chuckled because I have been on a hunt for the last couple days for a few things that relate and so I thought what the hell maybe one of you would have some advice.

You see I don't know about all of you but I HATE to dig for things, in my makeup bag, in my purse, anywhere really. I think everything needs to have a spot and therefore when I need it I can go there and get it. If I have to dig through my purse for something and end up taking shit out because I cant find it I lose patience quickly. I like a big purse so I can carry lots of crap but I often keep other little travel makeup bags in there or what not so I can just grab it and get what I need out of there. I like pockets and organization. I see people all the time who have their cash strewn throughout their purse and they just grab handfuls from the bottom and spend a good few minutes getting what they need.. I wish I could be that person.. but it will never happen.

At home the perfect makeup bag doesn't really have to exist.. all my makeup brushes are in a nice little container from Target and therefore on display and I can spot the one I want and pull it out, the rest of my makeup that I use daily resides in my Bodyshop makeup bag and then I have another makeup bag for my not so everyday stuff. See what I mean, but I am not Type A personality at all really. Now that we are going to be traveling and I don't really know what our bathroom is going to look like I cant rely on having the space to have 2 makeup bags and a brush holder, etc therefore I need to find a makeup bag that is going to prevent me from digging for brushes and whatever else I may need at the time.

So this is the makeup bag I had my heart set on and I found it quite awhile ago at Bath & Body Works but I didn't get it because at the time we weren't traveling and I didn't need it.. well now I do.

Yesterday I made my way over to purchase said bag and now as you can see it comes with all that crap stuff in it. I don't need that stuff, sure I would use it but because I don't need it I don't really see the sense in paying for it.. I just want the freakin' bag! So I left without the bag and I was mad. That is without a doubt the makeup bag I need right now! PERIOD!

On top of that I really need a caboodle of sorts, maybe even a bag I don't know. I need something to carry all my stuff in that I need.. my personal care items if you will. These are things such as:
- Face wash
- Day cream
- Night cream
- A lot of hair products
- Nail polish
- Perfume
- Makeup removing towelettes

You know... girl crap! I can't leave it and to be honest its been awhile since I have traveled with all my stuff (going to Peru I took minimal because of suitcase weight/space). We use to have a huge toiletry bag that we traveled with but its unnecessary now to take all of that with us and to be honest I just want all my stuff in one place so I don't have to go digging (see) amongst a bunch of other crap that I won't be using and don't need. 

So I went to the mall and truth be told I basically went to Bath & Body Works couldn't get the makeup bag I wanted so I let the mall, I pitched a fit to myself basically. I then went to Ulta thinking they are a beauty store how could they not have what I was looking for. Well they had one option and it looked more like a purse and I just felt like it wasn't what I was looking for so I got the other stuff I needed, used my 20% off coupon and had $9.00 in points.. I was already in a better mood! Then I was headed to my happy place, Target!

I didn't expect a lot out of Target, most of their travel bags for women's things were Sonia Kashuk which I like but they just weren't big enough. I would have bought one just because they were nice but if I came home with something because it was nice but it didn't fit all my crap I could see Jason pitching a little bit of a fit. So I failed miserably in my search. 

Where do you all by your makeup bags? What is the perfect makeup bag if you have to have all your makeup in there, including the stuff you don't use on a daily basis and your makeup brushes? I know one exists and maybe I just haven't went to the right Ulta or the best Target (although I will say mine is pretty fantastic) or maybe I am just not going to the right store in general. For now I plan to through it all in a reusable Lululemon bag to get it to my destination and then I will focus my efforts in New Jersey. 

While I am here I also wanted to let y'all know that if you follow along you probably noted that I RAVE about Bath & Body Works aromatherapy collection, especially the stress relief line! The smell of eucalyptus spearmint is heavenly and the body cream is the most perfect lotion I have ever used in my life.. lets refresh your memory...

Although I am just realizing now that the sale on these products are over I do however also have and love their bodywash/foam bath and today and today only they are all on sale for $5.00!!! Check it out HERE, and they have flat rate shipping of only $5.99!! I use the stress relief as body wash and I also have the sleep one that I use in a bubble bath and I swear it works, plus the bathroom smells so pretty! 

I don't know why I am promoting Bath & Body Works after they screwed me yesterday but what can I say.. I love them! So wander over and take a gander! I off am off to again avoid packing.. I am doing so fantastic at it! HA! We are planning a low key night and then tomorrow will be busy. We have pretty much emptied the fridge and what not so we will probably head to the Carolina Ale House for dinner tomorrow or something, unless I can convince Jason to head downtown to the Mellow Mushroom because I am basically addicted and will miss that place. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.. I hope to get back here tomorrow because we are leaving on Monday but we will see how it goes. If not it is my intention to stop in Monday for sure and let you all know how things are going. You may just have to bare with me for the next couple of days until we get settled and I get my shit together. 

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