Monday, May 5, 2014

Parque de La Reserva- Circuito magico del agua - PERU

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

I am not going to lie I have indulged in some alcoholic drinks today but did not manage to have any guacamole which I think is a huge shame, I plan to make some tomorrow though.. not to fear.

I know its later than I usually post but I thought I would stop by with my last Peru post that will contain pictures! Bittersweet right? Well we have covered a lot of ground and although I still have more to tell you and maybe a few more random pictures this will be the last that pertains a lot of pictures from a certain place or event!

While in Peru the only thing Jason and I got to do together was attend The Magic water circuit, also known as a huge water fountain park. Of all the things that we could do there I knew that this would be the one thing that Jason would really enjoy doing and I was super excited that he actually wanted to go. The park has a collection of 13 water fountains that are ornamental, cybernetic and interactive with water, music, light and laser. It was pretty incredible, while there I took a bunch of pictures on my phone while Jason took a bunch of pictures on the camera. Having not brought the laptop I couldn't upload the pictures from the camera so I uploaded the pictures I took on my phone using the Snapfish app and sent them out to a few people and everyone was in love, so of course I couldn't wait to share them with all of you!

The park is named in the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds largest fountains complex in a public park. This park is a huge tourist attraction costing only 4 soles per adult to enter.. which is next to nothing. The creation of this amazing place included the recovery of 7 thousand trees and restoration of existing monuments within the park. If you care to do a little more reading you can do so HERE and keep scrolling to see some pictures we took while there!

Some are grainy.. I'm sorry. Good ol' iPhone pictures!

See what the humidity did to my hair.. honestly!

The fountains were just incredible.

I love how some of them turned out with the silhouettes! 

We have been a lot of places but I can't say I have ever seen anything quite like this, it was just amazing!

Towards the exit there was this gorgeous building, it was lit up so beautifully.. I could have spent days exploring here.. day and night. 

Walking through this thing we got a little wetter then I expected to but none the less it was tons of fun!

This particular display changed colors and direction frequently, it covered a lot of ground and seemed to be the most enjoyed fountain.

The kids loved this, you were able to go in here and not get wet but they just ran through the water having the time of their lives.. it was absolutely fantastic.

Incredible right?

If there was anything that Jason and I were going to get to do together I am really glad this was it! The fountain displays were incredible, the atmosphere of just pure happiness and joy was delightful! Again I knew this place existed because Josh and Tanya had been when they first arrived but before that I would have never believed a place like this would have existed there. This was just a big park in the middle of the city of Lima! 

It is our hope that the deck will be completed tomorrow and I am hoping to get some pictures of it before we fill it with the grill and furniture and show you all! I am really happy with how things have turned out and cant wait to show all you! 

I also have some pictures of Jason's latest house project, which also turned out really really well.. Wednesday will probably be our last Peru post unless I think of something I missed after! I hope you have all enjoyed reading about our trip because I have definitely enjoyed sharing! 

Happy Monday!!

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