Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Myrtle Beach May 2014

Happy Hump Day lovelies!

Good lord is it HOT today!! We have had a week of nothing but high 90s and until today we have been able to enjoy it because of a great breeze.. negative on that front today!!! We went to the shooting range this morning and poor Jason couldn't even see the sweat was running down his face.. more on that later though!

Anyways I told y'all I would stop by with details on the Myrtle Beach trip but if you want to know the truth the trip was pretty well a bust. We drove all the way down there and all the way back (over 7 hours) in one day only to spend 15 at most walking in the water and had lunch.. epic fail if you ask me. Jason had talked about it with his parents and they all wanted to go so I didn't get much of a say in the matter but when we got back to Raleigh I was CRANKY! I hate being in the car that long now, anyone who knows me at all should know better then to take me to the beach without the promise of laying out and at least one beer... it kind of sucked.

So basically what I am telling you is I have nothing to tell you.. so I will just photo dump some pictures and be out of your hair!

I will however be back tomorrow with a few pictures of the shooting range tomorrow and possibly my thoughts on the Criminal Minds season finale tonight and then we will be back to normal around here.. at least until Monday when we leave for Jersey... I am crying inside about it still.

I could have stayed there all day!

Jason and his Dad reading about the migration of the sea turtles.

Not sure what this guy was up to.

The boardwalk

My kind of place... 

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  1. No picture of the Mom - LOL. I could have spent days on the boardwalk looking in all the stores. No wonder you were a bit CRANKY! We sent to Myrtle Beach years ago, but the beach was closed as there had been a hurricane. A little let down! We had a condo to stay in that wasn't on the beach, but we wanted to see it at leaszt. They had police at every side street down to the beach stopping people from heading down. You two should head to Virginia Beach one day - great beach & MILES of boardwalk. I think there's one in Jersey too? Atlantic City or something? I'm pretty sure there was lots of devastation after Hurricane Sandy, but I also think a lot of it has been fixed up since.