Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Digs

Well Well Well... Here we are.

So we have arrived in New Jersey and got internet yesterday and here I am today to fill you in on whats going on!!

Monday morning we got up and started on our task to close up the house and finish packing so we could head out. We got a lot accomplished and then decided we were going to head to breakfast at this place we had been meaning to try for quite some time.

Naturally Jason hates change and was not at all happy with breakfast but I got something different and quite enjoyed it.

Cafe au lait!

Petite bacon apple waffles

Breakfast was fantastic.. I will say that next time I would probably ask for the syrup on the side because the waffles got a little soggy and I don't eat anything soggy but none the less I was really happy with it. 

Before making it back to the house Jason realized he left he bank card at the restaurant so we headed back there and then got home to finish packing. When we got home I was finally introduced to the neighbor, Jason somehow sees her all the time and I never do! I have encountered her husband a few times and always wave but never see her or been able to introduce myself. What are the odds that I would meet her the day we were leaving and absolutely LOVE her! She is fantastic and I think we would be great friends.. and although she really doesn't know us she has been so gracious to offer to watch the house for us and keep us posted on things. 

The day after we left she called me and said that she believed KB was out doing some work on the house and she would take pictures and send them to us as the work progressed. HOW KIND! She did just that, as they have completed the work she sent us a ton of pictures and honestly we couldn't be more grateful.

We left Monday afternoon and drove to the other side of Baltimore Maryland and stayed, the next morning we drove the rest of the way. Driving Monday night was gorgeous.. the sunset was fantastic..

 Sorry for the crappy Iphone pictures!

We arrived here just after 11:00am, did our move in walk through and unpacked the Uhaul.. its always a pain in the ass but it didn't seem as AWFUL this time. We basically dropped everything in the apartment and left to take the Uhaul back before traffic got back and hit Target for the basics. I forgot how damn expensive the North is let me tell you that, things are $2-$3 more here!!! NUTS!

We are basically settled I guess, we went out last night and got a couch (hopefully to be delivered tomorrow although I haven't heard) and then we walked around and explored a little bit. Sadly I forgot to bring a jacket (honestly!!) and its quite chilly here at night still! We managed to walk around the and get the lay of the land right around the apartment. 

As much as I dislike our actual unit the apartment amenities and surrounding area make up for it. Its not home but I have to suck it up for the next year so I might as well start making the most of it. 

I thought I might share a few pictures...

Freedom Tower

On of the outdoor grilling areas at our apartment. The grills are all gas so its first come first serve and light up!

The pool over looking the Hudson River and Manhattan. This is right outside our window. 

Our pool.

Another grilling area. 

Our view of Manhattan.

The Freedom Tower is as huge as it looks. 

Empire State Building and more of Manhattan.

The three buildings in the front are our apartment. We are in the one to the far right.

We took a walk around the boardwalk.. it was chilly but gorgeous.

Sun setting on Manhattan. 

So we are getting settled, Jason will be working 40 hour weeks right now which is great and hopefully will have the entire Memorial Day long weekend off. I am hoping we might get a chance to go into Manhattan and visit Liberty State Park. We have explored New York and although I can't wait to do so again we are interested in exploring our surroundings here as well. 

Stay tuned for more updates and lots of upcoming adventures. This here blog didn't exist when we lived in Manhattan before so I am looking forward to sharing all of my favorite NY hang outs and the new places we find here in New Jersey!

Hope you are all having a great week, I plan to be back here more regularly starting next week! 

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  1. Your apartment looks great! Beautiful view & we just know you'll be going to NY! Especially when Tanya arrives (I think I read they are going to NJ too?) Nice pool. I think I could like it there! I know you miss your house, but you'll always have it to return to. If we come, can we stay with you??? LOL

  2. Thanks Cathy! The amenities and view from the apartment is great! I will definitely be going to New York in due time that is for sure! Tanya and Josh will be here.. not sure when yet unfortunately but soon I am sure! I definitely miss the house and so far knowing its there is actually making my transition worse.. I just want to go home. It will take some time I am sure! You can totally stay with us.. haha but once I show you pictures of the actual apartment unit you may rethink it.. haha SMALL! I hope all is well with you!!!