Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May, Let the Yard Work Commence!

Happy First Day of May!

So far I am not thrilled with what May is going to bring me but I am extremely thankful for the nice weather that finally rolled in today after all the crap weather we have had for the last week! I thought I would take a little break from Peru although I still have lots to tell you and get back to some day to day stuff with you guys and not so many pictures.

I wont lie we really haven't been up to much these last few days with the weather, mostly indoor stuff.. this morning we both had dentist appointments which actually went really well and I think we can safely say we have found a family dentist near our new home.. yay!!

Anyways yesterday we tried to dodge the rain best we could and hit up a beautiful nursery not too far from our house in hopes of finding the perfect plant/bush for our front yard. We have a water main or something of that sort in the front of the yard and when they landscaped the house before we moved in they decided to put some really odd shaped bushes.. or maybe they don't have any shape. Either way they looked like big weeds sitting out there and Jason was having a fit about it. I agreed that it would be nice if we could find something low maintenance that would actually bloom and give the front yard some color. In case you were unaware I do not garden, I have no desire to garden, weed, play in the dirt.. none of it! In case you didn't know.. bugs live in dirt.

We wandered around this beautiful nursery for a really long time and ended up going with some gorgeous encore azaleas! They are a gorgeous white bloom with a pink center and they will come back and bloom every spring, summer and fall. They grow to be maximum two feet tall and two to three feet in diameter.. pretty much exactly what we were looking for. Let me tell you don't waste your time going to Home Depot or Lowe's for that kind of stuff, look up your nearest nursery and head there, those people really know what they are talking about! I will make sure to take some pictures of the completed project tomorrow.

Today the deck building finally commenced, it got a late start but I am happy with the progress they made and have high hopes for the progress they will make tomorrow. After the cluster screw that it was to get this thing to even be a go I am extremely happy to have anything over nothing. Besides the guys are all super nice and seem to really have a handle on things, they said although they will not be working the weekend they believe they will have everything finished by Monday evening! Yay!!

While the deck was being worked on Jason and I were in the front doing a little work out there. I'm not going to lie I wasn't much help, although I am starting to SLOWLY feel a little better I still feel like this cold is kicking my ass and I am exhausted all the time! I like to think I did the most important things, like got beer and napkins, held the rake and shovel, gave my opinion and picked up rocks. That's all important right? Well check out what it resulted in...

What use to be there was this disgusting bug den known as straw.. it looked messy and we never liked it.. today it was time to go. We started off by raking it all up and out and then trying to get all the rocks we could out before starting in with the red cedar mulch.

I was really excited about the pop of color it brings the yard as we do not have any flowers out there and probably wont because I don't garden and we wont be around much.

It looks messy up close but its gorgeous from afar.


So much better! Now we really have to work on the grass, it is just after winter but we had sod and it takes some time to get that where you want it to be as well. We are going to do a bunch of lawn maintenance next week and see how we feel about things then. All a work in progress that we are extremely happy with though. 

They will be back tomorrow bright and early to work on the deck and then we are heading to see the Seavey's in the afternoon for the night. It has been FAR too long since we have been there and we miss them terribly. As well they have decided to head back to the North and we are so terribly sad. We won't be here all the time but we would see them a lot more if they were here when we came home. Unselfishly though we are super happy for them as they are very happy with their decision and we hope to still see as much of them as we can, because we know they will want to visit us in New Jersey! Ha!

Anyways I am off to show Jason some of my Peru pictures as well and then watch Christina Yang's last episode of Greys Anatomy.. SO UPSETTING!

I will be back tomorrow before we head out with more on Peru! Have a great night everyone!!

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