Sunday, May 18, 2014

Short, Sweet & to the Point!

Good Sunday Afternoon!

Its a cold Sunday here in the South, not sure what is going on with our weather but I have to tell you I am not impressed! I was really hoping for some fantastic highs but we have been struck with a cold front and it SUCKS! They are calling for a slight chance of rain today and it definitely looks possible so we are trying to get all the outside things done this morning and then we can work away at the inside this afternoon.

As we speak the self cleaning oven thing is on and let me tell you, our oven was not dirty! I mean a few spots here and there but we use one of those foil trays at the bottom to prevent any major messes. Well I guess something spilled on that foil tray and Jason said this morning when he went to take it out it was stuck. Ugh. Anyways he got it out and turned on the self cleaning oven and my house STINKS! Although cold I have been sitting outside for quite some time because the smell is pretty unbelievable! But not having to get in the oven and scrubs pretty much makes up for it.

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty sad about cleaning this place up to close it down so to speak. Its like closing up the cottage for the winter.. you've had such an amazing summer there and as you are cleaning and packing things away you are thinking about how long the winter is going to feel before you can get back here.. well that pretty much sums up how I feel. We just got the damn deck and now we are putting the table and chairs away, cleaning the grill and putting it away.. umm is summer not just starting? As you can see things seem a little backwards. It doesn't help that we are going to an apartment where having our own grill just isn't allowed.

I still haven't touched my closet and no I am not saving the best for last.. I just plain and simple don't want to do it. One advantage though to having this home of ours and knowing we will be back at the latest in July and then hopefully again in September is that I don't have to take all my winter clothes right now and that's a huge bonus. Having said that I know damn well I am going to get there and go to get something and wont have it and will naturally have a melt down that reflects the sky falling. I suppose it will be an excuse to come home?

Also the mall near our apartment doesn't have the Gap? What the hell is that about? The Gap is one of my favorite stores and I'm not going to lie I frequent it, now what I am going to do? Come home when I need a new shirt or pants I guess. They also don't have Ulta... where will I get my face wash? Is Ulta a southern store? I can't say that I have ever seen it in the North... I'm going to have to do some research about that. I suppose I could order online... but why do that when its right up the street from my house? I'll probably just save the shipping cost and come home.

Last night we went and saw the latest Spider Man movie in 3D at the theater, I was skeptical in that I have never seen any of the others and can't say its really my kind of movie but I am having a hard time being here watching things be packed and Jason has been doing a lot of work around the house in preparation for our departure so we decided last night we needed to get out and do something. We thought about going to the 'Got to be NC' festival at the fair grounds but we decided a little late and would only really have the opportunity to see the carnival which I don't care much about so we opted for a movie. I really enjoyed it to be honest, I think Jason did too... we've spent so much of our time here just enjoying the house and the weather that we rarely have date night.. it was nice!

Tonight we are headed out for dinner as we have done our best over the past couple weeks to empty the fridge so not to waste. We've done a pretty good job I would say and before we leave I am in need of some Carolina BBQ. I bet they don't have that in New Jersey either. We are thinking the Carolina Ale House most likely.

We will be leaving tomorrow, there is some running around to be done in the morning and then we will be taking off in the afternoon. I do believe we will only drive as far as Connecticut tomorrow and then get to the apartment Tuesday morning, unload, take the UHaul back and then go get a couch. I forgot until just a few days ago that we didn't have a travel couch anymore. Truth be told I'm not even sure I know what we have anymore in that a lot of stuff didn't come to Alaska with us, then even more stuff didn't come to Estevan with us and then it all made the trip from Maine to North Carolina and I don't think we have really even opened the boxes.. so lets hope we have everything we need.

Anyways I rambled a lot because the whole point of this post was to let y'all know that today will be busy (as you can tell I am avoiding it like the plague) and tomorrow will be busier and I don't know when we will have the internet set up so I am not sure when I will get back here, I am really hoping by Wednesday at the latest, maybe with some pictures of the new apartment and what not. I suppose we will see how things go, just know that I have not abandoned there here blog!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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