Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in the City!

Good Tuesday afternoon lovelies!

Well its a short week this week which is always a good thing! I hope all of you had the great weather that we had this weekend, sadly it did not continue on until today for us! Its been a gorgeous morning but it is definitely going to rain!

I started my new gym routine this morning because I am fat. Yesterday we laid by the pool in the afternoon but there was absolutely no way I was getting in a bathing suit which really got me thinking. I can't spend the whole summer feeling bad about myself and sitting pool side sweating my ass off because I don't want to wear a bathing suit in front of people. So I am drinking my weight in water and plan to work my ass off LITERALLY at the gym twice a day and I know I will see results. I have changed my diet and I just know in a few days I will feel so much better. It will take time to get the weight off but I know it will come!

So with Jason actually having the long weekend off we decided to make the most of it. Saturday we had to get the truck fixed, somehow Jason just happened to pick the place that had some exhaust expert.. with the only equipment in Jersey able to fix the problem.. which apparently was rust? The truck isn't even that old, but I suppose we have put it through the ringer with all our travel and harsh winters with all the salt on the road. All in all its fixed which is great news, got an oil change and that's not something we will have to worry about for awhile. Funny story though, Jason made an early appointment and left while I was still in bed! Well he put the truck in and they put it up on the lift and he remembered his apartment keys were in there.. so he took the subway home and then tried to call my cell which was on silent because I was sleeping! Long story short it took me awhile to get his calls and text so he took himself to breakfast! Haha!

I got up and had a shower and then we headed back to get the truck. It was my first time on the subway since New York and it brought back some fun memories.. but having had the luxury of getting in the truck and going anywhere I need to go for the last however long made the waiting for the next train a little hard!

We got off the subway at Journal Square to pick up the truck which is not somewhere I had been and although they had a few neat buildings and a statue of Jackie Robinson it was kind of a dump!

I'm not really sure why this statue is here. 

Anyways after that we headed to IKEA by Jason's work and the place was PACKED.. we actually went through there pretty quickly because I just couldn't stand being stepped on anymore. I swear I hate ignorance. We did some touring around the area and literally right down the street was an outlet mall.. YAY! Well it was raining sadly and we drove around for almost an hour and found ZERO parking.. there were men parked in front of other cars not even in a parking spot waiting for their wives and hoping whoever they were blocking didn't come out! I didn't have the heart to make Jason wait so we will try that place another day. We came home and ordered Chinese! Let me just say when you move somewhere new it is important to find good Chinese and pizza take out.. we have found fabulous Chinese but we are still working on the pizza!

Sunday we decided to head to Liberty State Park and the Science center! I was super surprised that Jason wanted to go there but he said that he had been as a kid and done some research, fabulous! We got up in the morning, got ready and headed to the park! 

The park is nice, we took the Jersey light rail down there and walked around for a long time! The park is endless and the view is amazing! You can also get on the ferry there! I took a ton of pictures naturally.. have a peak!

Old Train Station

Piece of the rubble from 9/11

9/11 Memorial

I don't look thrilled, but I really wasn't having a bad time! haha

There were a ton of sailboats out!

The boardwalk was gorgeous!

Lady Liberty at her finest!

View from the Science Center

After we walked around we headed over to the Science Center for the rest of the afternoon! I will say it was definitely just for kids! I don't know what Jason remembered but when we started walking through he was really mad that we spent all that money haha! It would be a great place for children, there was a ton to see and explore.. but I will say it is not cheap to take a family there. For Jason and I it was over $50.00!!! How can people afford to take a family of 5 or something? Nuts!

I did however take pictures.. which I'm sure shocks you. But because I have them I will share!

I took this specifically for Jason's Dad.. he is terrified of snakes and I'm nice like that.

These things were so active!

Biggest toad I have ever seen in my life!

Poisonous dart frog. They had a ton of them and they were all gorgeous colors!

This thing was fantastic! He is probably a million years old. While we were standing there he got an itch on his neck and went nuts! haha!

The view from the science center. 

Yesterday was gorgeous! We walked over to Hoboken which is only about a 30 minute walk from here and all along the water. I didn't think it was anything special but the walk was really nice. It was super hot and sunny yesterday which made it all worth it. We walked over and explored a bit, had lunch at the Wicked Wolf Tavern which was fantastic. We definitely said that we will be back there... a lot! 

After lunch we headed back to the apartment and laid out by the pool for a couple hours which was great!

Not a bad view right?

We did a lot of walking this weekend and got to see a lot! We found a few places I think we will enjoy throughout the summer! The view here is amazing and although I desperately miss home I suppose once I get settled in and find my way around more I will be fine. 

I will leave you with some sunset pictures. Bare with me while I get back into the swing of things and my surroundings get a little old, in the meantime I will probably share a lot of pictures!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

We found this place along the board walk not far from our apartment that has Adirondack chairs set up in a big sandy area over looking the water.. perfection! 

We sat here for such a long time.. it was fantastic!

Empire State Building lit up red white and blue for Memorial Day.

As was the Freedom tower if you can tell.. sorry.. grainy Iphone pictures!

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  1. Great photos! Jealous of your lovely view! I could sit there all day. And BTW, you don't look the least bit fat!!

  2. Thanks Cathy! I always think of you while posting pictures because I know you will love them! We are really lucky with the view we have.. its definitely a motivator to go to the gym as well because that is exactly what I look at while at the gym too!
    I have gained quite a bit of weight you just cant tell in that picture.. its all that beer drinking in North Carolina that screwed me! I'll get it off though! I hope all is well with you!