Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Dangers of Guns...

I hope where ever you are reading this from you are getting nicer weather then we are! They were calling for rain today and although I know we need it I was incredibly disappointed because I have so been enjoying the hot weather, especially now that we have the deck! This morning started off lazy just doing little things here and there.. aka... avoiding packing! Jason ran out to do a few things and it started to pour!! In a matter of minutes this is what it looked like outside!

So much for the drainage system they put in the yard right? We just did all kinds of work around the yard and in a matter of one rain storm its all gone to shit! 

Its literally a lake out there, I understand that it is down pouring but this is a little extreme!

So I gave up on pretending to do stuff so I don't have to pack and am just not packing. I just don't want to go, I feel awful but I would be fine to go and get Jason set up in New Jersey and just come home. I may feel different after being here by myself for awhile but right now I don't think so. Yesterday we went out and bought a crappy blender to take and a crappy something else, oh an alarm clock and I'm bitter about buying crappy stuff to take to a crappy (not really all that crappy) apartment when we have nice stuff in our beautiful home. I've been holding in my tears best I can but let me tell you when they let go the rain wont have nothing on me. 

Yesterday Jason wanted to go to the shooting range, truthfully although I like to shoot I didn't really want to go but we have been trying to get there forever and it was really important to Jason to shoot the new gun he bought while in Alaska in February. I'm not going to lie I had reservations on account that I have never shot a semi automatic and didn't feel good about the shell casing flying out. But when we first got the revolver I was nervous about that too and turned out I really enjoyed shooting it. 

So we drove up to Drake Landing  yesterday morning, got our wrist bands and headed to the "pistol pit". It was a really beautiful day out and the range was completely different then what we were use to. 

As you can see they have some sort of contraption rigged up and my thought it that its purpose is to avoid ricocheting bullets but honestly I think it causes more as the lowest point it near the targets.. you shoot high and look out!

These targets are also metal which allows you to know you hit them via a loud pinging noise.. but again may I just say... ricocheting bullets! We were probably less then 50 yards from the target, I felt it wasn't all that safe but Jason assured me they would know and it was fine. 

It was located on a huge farm that was absolutely gorgeous! They had kennels for their hunting dogs as they offer guided hunts with their dogs. They also just had vast amounts of gorgeous land!

Blue sky for miles!

So we spoke the the gentlemen riding around on his golf cart supervising the course and he gave us the rundown about how they do things. Jason went to work setting up the guns and I will be honest I kind of just sat back. I don't particularly like wearing ear plugs, they hurt my ears and I just felt really uneasy about the new course and the set up being so different from what we were use to. Keep in mind we are use to shooting in the middle of no where in Alaska so yes this is obviously much different. 

Jason got right into it! But naturally things did not go fantastically.. or at least I don't think so. Truth be told I think the new gun is a hunk of junk.. the thing kept jamming which made me extremely nervous. Although I am comfortable with a gun I know that it is no joke and can be extremely dangerous. Jason kept making excuses for it.. crap ammo, I wasn't holding it tight enough (like that should matter), it was too hot out... basically what he was getting at was that it was a hunk of junk! After screwing with it for awhile and it constantly jamming I said screw it.. I don't have the patience. 

Jason continued to shoot for awhile and I was sitting behind him. He decided to shoot the 357 which I already had so I continued to sit and watch him! As he was shooting I noticed the bullets hitting the targets and FLYING way over into the other course, naturally not where people were standing but I just didn't like it. There were signs everywhere insisting you wear your protective I wear at all times and I soon learned why. As Jason was shooting a bullet fragment ricocheted back and hit me in the face! I freaked out! I was fine but it scared the crap out of me and it was hot and let me tell you if I wasn't done before I was REALLY done then. 

Jason continued to shoot...

This was another thing I didn't like about the range... because of the way it was set up you kind of needed to get down as Jason is above to shoot and I didn't find it comfortable or really safe. When shooting, especially a gun of a larger caliber you should have a firm stance because of the kick back. See... I know stuff. 

Like I said, I was over this course and shooting. Seriously that new little black gun is junk, I would run past it in search of a bat if my life was at stake! Who the hell would count on something that jams as much as that thing did? If you are thinking about purchasing a gun I will tell you one thing.. in my experience a revolver doesn't jam! If you've got some patience and feel like screwing around and protecting yourself isn't a concern feel free to invest in one of those little things. 

I would think Jason would have got that I was so over all of this but he INSISTED I shoot the damn thing again. He said that I needed to be comfortable with it.. which how comfortable can you be with something so unreliable anyways? I agreed because if you know Jason at all you know he doesn't give up until he gets his way.. but as I neared the weapon I made it clear that I would shoot it this one last time and then I was DONE! Well I started to shoot and one of those shell casings popped on and landed on my arm.. IT WAS HOT AS HELL! I freaked out yet again and told Jason not to bother me with this shoot crap again!!! 

So as you can see I didn't really enjoy our morning at the shooting range, and there is no wondering why. I appreciated the beautiful scenery but I was ready to go. 

On the way home Jason asked if I wanted to go to Moe's for lunch. Um Yes! I love Mexican food and I have been wanting to go since we got home from Peru in hopes of finding a burrito that compared to the Burrito bar in Barranco! Well guess what I found...

I won't go as far as saying it was the same or as good at the Burrito bar in Peru but let me tell you it was FANTASTIC! I got the same thing I got in Peru and although I believe its just that the ingredients taste different on account of where they are grown and how this burrito was amazing! Another reason I am mad we are leaving because I would be going there daily weekly.

So that's our scoop, we are under flash flood warning here right now because in a matter of an hour or so we have gotten over 2" of rain and they are calling for a lot more. I plan do embrace wearing pants because its been awhile and hang out.. all while NOT packing. 

We watched the season finale of Criminal Minds last night and let me tell you know one died like they portrayed on all of their advertising. I would really like to know where the line ends for suspense and interest and begins for just plain false advertising! None the less it was an excellent episode and I will look forward to the new season as always. Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I suppose it will also be the FINAL episode of Christina Yang although you would have thought it would have been two weeks ago and then last week by their advertising.. I think its safe to say when it comes to advertising for TV shows its all lies!

I'm hoping to get back to normal around here.. I feel like for the last couple of weeks its been catching up on our trip and what not and stopping in quickly when I can. I haven't tried a lot of new products lately sadly so be prepared for some moving posts for the next week or so. The Seavey's are actually coming up tomorrow morning for a visit and I am super excited for that! I will however be back tomorrow with something to chat about!

I think I might need an outlet in the next few days..

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  1. I loved your blog, Nicole!

  2. Hello Nicole, my SR1911 used to get jammed a lot until I figure out that it was my lubrication that was a problem. I think the "danger of guns" is a wrong statement. Instead, it should be like the danger of handling gun by a non-professional. Thank you for this interesting article. I enjoyed reading your post.