Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Deck Life!

Well guys the deck is officially done so naturally that is where I spent my afternoon and I couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. If you are a regular around here you know that we had a bunch of issues and the deck wasn't able to be as big as we were hoping for but let me tell you when it comes to having a deck I would take something over nothing any day!

Growing up we always had a pool, and after I graduated high school and we moved we didn't have a pool (thanks mom!!!) but we had an awesome deck where lots of beer was drank and lots of grilling took place. Jason and I knew buying a house that it had to have a deck or somewhere to put one and let me tell you this deck is FANTASTIC! Jason planned and planned and let me tell you it paid off!

Are you sick of me rambling yet? Do you want to just see it?... OK fine!

The pergola for the grill. 

Of course we had to grill tonight, turkey burgers needed to be had!

And naturally grilling means using the fabulous tray Dad made us! (Jason tried to sell it to one of the deck guys who was in love with it!)

We couldn't be happier with the final product! Jason is pretty impressed with the whole thing too, in true Jason fashion he has found things to complain about but I think overall he will enjoy it! 

Speaking of Jason and building stuff, remember I mentioned the other day that he built something for the hose? Did I mention that? Well anyways we decided we definitely needed something to put the hose on and we weren't thrilled with anything that we were seeing at Lowe's or Home Depot so Jason decided to make something himself. I have never actually seen Jason build anything so I was quite interested.. he did a great job!

Turned out really good right? Nice 4X4 spray painted black, bought the light thing for the top at Target and then the actual hose stand thing at Walmart I believe! Went together quite nicely! 

So we got an apartment today for New Jersey. I have mixed feelings about it to be honest because as of right now I just don't want to go but we had to find something that was just the reality of the situation. Jason started calling this morning while I was at the doctor and wasn't having any luck and when I got calling I found two really great options. Once we decided it was actually the easiest application process we had been through, and the most expensive apartment we have ever gotten. You can take a look HERE, it will be a decent commute for Jason but in a good area. I am happy it is over with, one more thing to check off the list. 

Tomorrow we are headed to Myrtle Beach, I have never been so most likely I will take a million pictures and naturally I will share them with y'all! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!! 

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  1. The deck is amazing, beautiful gorgeous andgreat! Waiting to see furniture now! LOL I REALLY REALLY REALLY want one of those hose racks! It's awesome! When do you go to NJ?

  2. Cathy! Not sure about furniture yet, with leaving I don't know that we will get furniture right now because we wont be here to enjoy it anyways! We are thinking about waiting until the after summer sales and finding something we like cheaper. Mostly we just aren't going to be here so why both.. we have a table and chairs out there now!
    Hope all is well with you, I miss out on whats going on with no Facebook! XO